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Window Dream Interpretation — 10 Comments

  1. I dreamt my friend was shaking a rug out of a dorma window and she ended up on the roof, she was scrambling up the roof to get back in and she let go and fell off the roof, I don’t know if she survived or not as I woke up

  2. I dreamed that me and my best friend we’re at the window and I didn’t want someone to come inside so I slammed the windows shut. Then a guy breaks in and shoots everyone I pretended to die by falling to the floor the I moved so they came up to me and shot me and I woke up

  3. my ex husband has previously looked in the window to my house, lounge room, bedroom, and i dreamt of it the other night. i dreamt he was outside looking into my lounge room.
    The lounge room is your social area, and the rooms of the house stand for aspects of your life, (plumping=digestion), the living room is also what you present to the world because generally people aren’t invited to every room.
    As i took a phone call from my male cousin, and told him to mind his own business when he asked who it was, i’d say he is definately prying into my private life- its not his concern at all- and specifically my social life. Again, not his concern. This site is highly accurate and it makes perfect sense.


    • I had a similar dream in which a reoccurring hole formed in my window, from it emerged a large spectral hand, I closed my eyes, and felt it grip my leg, I heard my voice reminding me that it was a dream, all the while I was fearing the beast

  4. I was looki g through a double window one with frosted white picture. I see a balding man large fellow with glasses.
    I walk in the house, mirrors I see him behind me I walk to the wall they are on, he is talking g to me.
    Tell sue what she is looking for is in a box of papers.
    He walks I to a different area, the voice is muffled.. I hear him say blue.
    When ever I try to follow, I end up in my starting place looki g through the windows seeing him in a mirror reflection

  5. I dreamt saw a king been pushed to climbed a window in the palace wearing black cloth. After I tried to climb also but I couldn’t unfortunately I saw the window been shut off. In the dream I saw my junior brother sitting in a toilet crying and woke up. I can’t understand this dream, can you help me

  6. I had a dream that I lived in a big house with my parents and someone kept breaking in I knew they were there and every time I turn the corner there they were I would yell for my dad and I would say he’s right here and then he would disappear and it would start again and at the end we’re all in the basement But it looks like a living room and there’s two sofas facing each other and a coffee table in the middle I’m sitting next to a woman who has a sought off shotgun and she’s holding it at me and my parents are sitting on the other couch just watching scared and me in the woman fight over the gun she shoots it but it’s empty and I grab it and I stab her with it in the chest over and over until I wake up. I wake up and my heart is pounding .

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