Candy Dream Interpretation

Candy in dreams suggest good luck, fortunes, and happiness in love and friendship. Depending on the context of the candy appearing in dreams, you can interpret candy related dreams differently. Below we will go through the most common candy related dreams to help you decipher the dreams.

Dream About Candy Related Actions
Dream About Eating Candy for Meals
The dream suggest that you may be over indulging on parts of your life, the action may be unhealthy or relate to forbidden pleasures. Perhaps your subconscious mind is relating purely candy consumption to various vices that you indulge yourself with.

Dream About Opening Candy Wrappers
If the dream focuses on opening candy wrappers or wrappers without any candy inside, it depicts that you are devoting too much time and effort for unimportant issues. You may need to take a more direct approach to the pleasurable things in life.

Dream About Halloween Trick o Treat for Candies
To dream that you are trick-or-treating for Halloween candy, suggests that you need express yourself more freely to get what you desire. Your inhibitions to ask what you desire is limiting yourself toward your personal goals, consider prepare yourself to ask for raises at work.

Dream About Giving Away Candy
If you are handing out candies when others were trick-or-treating in your dream, you have the ability to take control of a real-life situation, your decisions can benefit others greatly.

Dream About Making Your Own Candy
Making your own candy in a kitchen or from a kit in the dream reflects that you will be able to start a profitable business of your own. Consider looking for opportunities that might make others feel good about themselves.

Dream About Candy Jar
To dream about a candy jar either full or empty, suggest inhibitions that you are taking for instant gratification. Perhaps you are putting off certain pleasurable events for a better future.

Dream About Wearing Candy Jewelry
A candy jewelry in dreams suggest that you may be too outspoken about your pleasures in life. It may incite unhealthy jealousy among your peers.

Dream About Candy Conditions
Dream About Stale Candy
Stale candies typically suggest that you may have kept something a secret for too long to yourself. And in return you have lost potential happiness, consider telling someone whom you love how you feel to avoid missing out on life’s pleasures.

Dream About Sour or Spicy Candy
Eating sour or spicy candy in dreams suggest that you want to take your life in a different direction. You are beginning to get bored of your profitable but boring lifestyle. Your mind is asking you to take risks and try different things.

Dream About Hard Candy
Hard candies in dreams suggest that you should take your pleasures in life at a slower pace. Enjoy the ride and take the blissful events slowly.

Dream About Ice Candy or Cold Candy
Ice candy that is frozen in the dream suggests that the business profit may not belong to you, you may have taken illegal steps to obtain the wealth.

Dream About Other Candy Items
Dream About Candy Chocolates
Candy chocolates in dream suggest some form of popularity or long lasting impressions. For example, a dream about Hershey kiss may suggest you may be popular among the opposite sex.

Dream About Candy Shop
Candy shop or candy store in dreams suggest that you have plenty of profitable opportunities ahead of you. However, be aware of failure to take action because of all the potentials. You want to act and benefit from the abundance.

Dream About Candy Bar
Candy bars that occur in dreams suggest superficial friendships, you may be pushing yourself too hard to join other social circles. If the dream focuses on removing candy wrappers from a candy bar, it means that your attempts to get new friends may fail because you focus on the superficial side of relationship.

Dream About Mint Candy
Peppermint or other minty candy such as icebreaker suggest that your social endeavors will take a positive turn. Expect to make more friends and expand your social circle.

Dream About Candy Apple
Dreaming about candy apple suggest great fortune and opportunity is on the horizon for you. However, be aware of your health while pursuing those endeavors. The apple is there to remind you that your body is also important amid all the profits and sweets.

Dream About Candy Cane
Candy cane in dreams suggest good fortunes may be on the horizon that was not your first choice originally. For example, you might take a back up job or school, and found the experience especially satisfying. It could also suggest your mind being occupied with the winter Christmas festivities.

Dream About Cotton Candy or Candy Floss
Dreams of cotton candy suggest that you will need to find pleasure into the little things, by combining the little pleasures all around you, you have the chance of achieving true happiness.

Dream About Candy Corn
Candy corn dreams suggest that your happiness and pleasure may be hidden in general and common places of your life. Sometimes the pleasure is hidden with the every looking “corn”. Pay attention to those around you and show them your love and bliss.

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