Allergy Dream Interpretation

Did you dream about having some sort of allergy attack or allergic reaction? They usually feature a trigger that makes you feel uncomfortable in some way. It reflects how a person’s attitudes and actions are getting under your skin.

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Allergy Triggers

Always consider the things that you have allergy towards in the dream, your environment, your basic symptoms, and how you react to the reaction. In general, if you are sensitive or have allergy often, the dream may be able the physical aspect of your allergy.

Allergy dreams are usually triggered by common items such as dogs, cats, or other food items. Consider each of the triggers individually to figure out the items that makes you feel uncomfortable. If there is no clear target or cause of your allergy reaction, it could suggest that you have limited options available. Since you only a few options to consume or get near ones that do not cause allergic reaction.

Hearing About Other People’s Allergy

To “know” or hear about someone’s allergy list of items, suggest sensitivity to certain life situations. For example, if someone brings over a list of items that they may be allergic to in the dream, it could signify that they’re sensitive to every little things that you say or do.

Being in an Environment with Triggers

To dream about being in an environment full of things that you know you are allergic to, for example if you are allergic to cat hair and you visit a house full of cats in the dream. This reflects that your current situation is bad and you cannot get out of it.

Allergic Reactions

If the dream is about an allergic reaction on your loved one’s body, and you are the one that handed him or her the food item. It reflects a realization of concern about their welfare. You are unsure whether or not you are doing right by them. The reaction signifies that you want to care for them but at the same time you are afraid of making things worse.

Finally, take into consideration of the allergic reaction in the dream. For example, a simple itch and rash is much less severe than symptoms that stop you from breathing.

Dream About Allergy

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