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  1. Im 20yrs old i lost my mom when i was 2yrs old. My dad is all i have and i had a bad dream that someone i knew attacked my dad in the back yard in the dark . he called me but when i got back there they were both on the ground . i got weak and think i fainted after calling for help twice . help what does this mean?

    • It sounds like you have a hidden fear of just losing your father; however, if this person who attacked your father was a close relative this may mean if you have a gift that he or she isn’t around for the good or not around as they pretend but for another reason. You seem to be weary about carrying this concern about losing him. Everyone in this dream are on the ground including yourself. Your better self could be saying let go of things out of your control. I would say, speak with intentions or speak out loud on purpose that your father will not be harm and darkness will not surround him nor yourself. Realize your spoken power and then move on away from fear. Fear must be told to leave that it has no friend in you then start doing the things that bring you joy.

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