Bikini Dream Meaning – Top 7 Dreams About Bikini

Did you dream about a bikini? A bikini indicates that you are feeling exposed yet confident at the same time. It could relate to a point in time of your youth and superficial yet intimate desires. Consider how and why you are wearing the bikini in the dream to get a better understanding. Below we will note the most common bikini dream interpretations.

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Dream About Wearing Bikini

Putting On Bikini
To see yourself putting on a bikini inside your bedroom; foretells that you will meet someone bold and beautiful. You will need to express your feelings freely. Get yourself out in the open and make yourself available to others.

Taking Bikini Off
Dreaming that you are taking the bikini off in public like at the swimming pool or nude beach; points to your wild and intense desires. Open yourself up about personal desires with your partners. You will have a much better relationship with the ones that you love.

Trying on Bikini
Trying on bikini at clothing stores in the dream; points to sexual feelings and expectations. You worry about how you appear to male friends. Perhaps you want to make sure that you are giving the right signals. You want to tell the person that you are interested in him or her.

Looking for Missing Bikini
To see yourself looking for a missing bikini after an amusement water park slide ride, or from a tidal wave while surfing; indicates that you will experience a wild relationship or sexual experience. You will live freely with the ability to do anything you desire for a period of time. However, soon you will take considerable effort to get your life back to normalcy.

Bikini Does Not Fit
To dream about a bikini that does not fit; indicates that you are scared of your declining body image. You worry about aging symptoms or other things that cause you to lose your beauty. Perhaps you are concerned about your weight gains or events such as pregnancy.

Dream About Bikini Appearances

White Bikini
A white bikini signifies your internal insecurity and sexual frustration. You are not getting the intimate settings or experiences that you desire. In a sense, however, you are trying to uphold your own innocence without appearing too easy.

Black Bikini
A black bikini foretells that you will start an intimate relationship with a new or unexpected friend. It will be a surprising and sexy mystery.

Blue Bikini
Blue bikini points to your desire to attract the attention of the opposite gender. You do not want the person to only be attracted by your looks. You want to be accepted emotionally and intellectually as well.

Green Bikini
The green bikini color represents nostalgia and relaxation. Some relationships will be able to calm you down.

Red Bikini
A sexy red bikini in the dream suggests that you will agree to take part in some risky activities. You want to feel passionate about something or someone.

Other Bikini Related Terms

Bikini Wax
To see yourself going through a bikini wax; indicates that you do not want someone to know that you are sexually interested in him or her. You do not want the desire to get between your friendship or professional relationship.

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