Surfing Dream Interpretation

Did you dream about surfing? Surfing in dreams relate to you riding the ups and downs of emotional situations and relationship. You are trying to come out victorious while enjoying the ride. You are seeking a deeper understanding yourself even though at times you fail. You become stronger and better at mastering your emotions through practice. Below we will go over the most common surfing related dreams.

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Attending a Surfing Competition

To dream that you are in a surfing competition, indicates that you will try to fight the flow of things. Perhaps you are competing with others about stressful and pressing issues. You will be rewarded if you are able to come up on top to handle the difficult situations better than others. Perhaps it is important to take on risky moments in order to outperform others.

Surfing a Tidal Wave or Tsunami

If you are actually “surfing” the tidal wave in the dream, it is a sign of confidence that you have with the ups and downs of life in general. You are not afraid of any incoming changes. You will soon be faced with an important and pivotal moment in your life. You will have to face down and conquer any difficulties and emotional fears.

Falling Off a Surfboard

To dream that you are falling off a surfboard, foretells that you will fail at certain struggle of life. Perhaps you will be over confident about your progress and approach, be aware of hiccups that will catch you by surprise. Consider how you react to the temporary failure. Did you pick yourself up, or did you end up drowning in the dream?

Practicing or Learning to Surf

To dream that you are learning or practicing to surf, suggests that you are navigating difficult relationship. You will feel emotional about your encounters with others and your own emotions. You will have to face a life test soon that will examine your resolves.

The dream indicates that you are doing everything in your power to rise over the problems.


To dream about windsurfing, foretells that you will achieve easy going balance to proceed through emotional times. You are neither over excited nor over dull about the things. The natural forces will push you in the direction that you wish to end up with.

Crowd Surfing

Dreaming that you are crowd surfing at a concert or music festival, foretells that you need to work hard to communicate with others. You will use other people admiration towards you to move and propel yourself forward. Perhaps you will be supported by the public in order to achieve bigger actions not possible by yourself.

Couch Surfing

To dream that you are couch surfing at different people’s apartment or house, is a warning sign about future failures and depleting of your housing fund.

Watching Someone Else Surfing

Consider your feelings and emotions in the dream that you are observing others surfing. Are you jealous or envious of others? Perhaps you want to perform and do great things like other people are adventuring.

However, if the person surfing struggling? It could point to your worries and concerns of being unable to help. Or maybe you are enjoying to see the failure of others, because you are not willing to take the risks yourself.

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