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Dreaming about or be in an amusement park in your dream indicates that you need to set some time for more relaxation and enjoyment in your life. Always consider your mood, weather, and the type of rides that you are experiencing in the dream.

Dream About Amusement Park Conditions
Depending on the operational condition of the amusement park from the dream, you can draw some interpretation with your waking life.

Closed Amusement Park
Suggests that you are denying yourself your time for fun and leisure. You need a break. If the park or rides are closed due to certain weather conditions like Snow. Consider the type of weather and how it may relate to your entertainment aspect of life. For example, an amusement that was closed down in the dream because of slow, can signify your loss of excitement of life.

Empty Amusement Park
To dream that the amusement park is empty or abandoned suggests that you need to open yourself to more fun and adventure.

Broken Amusement Park Rides
Dreaming about the rides at the amusement park are broken means that something in your life is not going as expected.

Dream About Different Amusement Park Rides
Consider the type of rides within your amusement park related dream to help you interpret your waking life. If you see many rides at the same time in the dream, it shows you are too easily distracted lately.

Merry go round
Might suggest a whirl of events, or even things spinning out of control. You feel like you are going no well except back to where you started.

Bumper Car Rides
This signifies the way you interact with others. You may feel cornered or getting in constant conflict with the people around you.

Roller Coaster
Represents thrilling or dangerous risks you take or are exposed to, or point to sexual excitement.

Haunted House or Ghost Rides
Your courage is being tested.

Water Based Rides
You will go through difficult times with emotional turmoil. But you will turn out to be OK.

Amusement Park With Themes
Depending on the certain times of the year, the amusement park can actually have themes such as Halloween haunted house, Space Mountain, or even Star Wars Land. Consider these themes can help you interpret your emotions as well. For example, to be in a Halloween themed amusement park with everyone in costume, suggests that you want to have fun while not being yourself.

Dreams that relate to Dinosaurs such as Jurassic Park or Jurassic World, can relate some what to the movie. If you dwell on your old ways or try to bring them back without proper planning, disasters can happen. It may be better to stay with the times with your leisure activities.


Amusement Park Dream Interpretation — 1 Comment

  1. I am a teacher in my awake life.
    In my dream state of being I was at a massive theme park with my school. (Our elementary school has over 1000 students…quite large!)
    The theme park was rock’n! Kids everywhere, loud noises and fast racing rides, most notably being rollercoasters.
    The problem was that all of the students were to be tested on their abilities or they could die.
    Teachers were frantically (me included) trying to keep our students focused on the testing and quite frankly within eye sight. They kept wandering off!! (Understandably, right?!)
    The administration was up in this room way high up that had a glass window so they could see the whole park. Kind of like the owners box at a professional football game.
    Meanwhile down in the chaos…we are testing. Every so offer the principal in the “owners box” would give us questions for our testing. These questions would be about the Vietnam War or about some other outrageously difficult subject for young children. But we all did what we were told to do. Very stressful as sometimes a child would die and have to be resuscitated.
    At the end of the dream a woman came through the park past all the people and started yelling out for anyone to hear in an angry tone, that she WOULD molest these children!! (Dreams! Geez!)
    Well…this was just to much for me so I approached this woman and told her quite frankly that I Will KILL her with a big knife and cut out her eyes right here in front of everyone if she even GLANCES in the direction of a child!! And just so she knows I’m serious I told her I was going to beat the crap out of her and that everyone would cheer and probably even join in so she better get lost!!
    Then I woke up.

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