Wax Dream Meaning – Top 12 Dreams About Wax

Did you dream about wax? Wax in the dream indicates that there are too many things going on in your life. You will soon make difficult decisions to accept losses. You will try your best to keep things together to your best of ability. But once things really start in motion, you might soon see it getting out of control. Below we will note more dream interpretations regarding wax.

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Dream About Interacting with Wax

Dream About Dripping Wax on Body
To dream about dripping wax on your body; it forewarns that very difficult situation is ahead. But everything will change quickly and you will soon noticeable improvements. The dream suggests in a way you have brought the situation upon yourself. Be careful about how you approach real life issues, because you might end up torturing yourself living through it.

Dream About Drinking Wax
To see yourself drinking wax in the dream, is an omen that you will fall prey to conspiracy theories or extremist views. Watch out for hidden agendas that will make you conduct harmful actions that can hurt yourself or even others.

Dream About Melting Wax
To dream that you are melting or working with wax in the dream; it suggests that you are ready to move forward in some project or endeavor. You are starting the process to be flexible like the plastic to shape or form something of important value to you.

Dream About Hair Waxing Legs or Chests
To see yourself using hair wax to move hair from your legs and chests; it suggests that you will receive some happy news that will remove many of your stresses and worries. However, be careful of the intense but temporary pain that you might feel in the process. The dream foretells you are ready to let go of a painful relationship or divorce, so that you can embrace your new life and a new self-image.

Dream About Wax Related Objects

Dream About Wax Warmer
Wax warmer in the dream represents your hidden passionate emotions. You are letting things boiling deep inside you. You are ready to put those into reality when the timing is right.

Dream About Wax Candle
To see a wax candle in your dream represents that good luck and hope will be arriving in small and steady amounts. However, your timing of success might be limited. Take advantage of this window of time to embrace the truth. Work as hard as you can to accomplish your goals with limited resources.

Dream About Wax Dolls or Wax Figurines
To dream about wax dolls or wax figurines, suggests that you are impressionable and easily influenced. Consider which celebrity or type of doll is made with wax. They represent who is leaving you the expression that impacts how you act.

Dream About Floor Wax Buffs
Floor wax by itself suggests that you want to suppress and cover up some of your negative thoughts and expressions.

Dream About Car Wax
Car wax in the dream suggests that you need to take precautions to protect your motivations and inspirations. Many people and events will try to discourage you from taking action. Try to do your best to protect and cherish your core beliefs.

Dream About Wax Museums
Wax museums refer to ideologies that you might not necessarily agree with in waking life. You believe that they only scratch the surface and is mostly fake. Pay attention to the people or objects that you encounter in the wax museums. They relate to ideas that you do not necessarily hold true or believe.

Dream About Wax in Ears

Wax Blocking Your Ears
To have an ear full of wax in the dream, is a sign that your pre-existing beliefs or egos are preventing you from learning the whole truth.

Pulling or Removing Wax Coming Out of Ear
To dream that you are removing or pulling wax out ear; it is a sign that you are ready to listen to others again. Free your mind or other blocks that prevented your ability to listen.

Dream About Wax Colors

Dream About Black Wax
Black ear wax in the dream forewarns disease and bad news.

Dream About Blue Wax
Blue wax relates to inner harmony and good wisdom.

Dream About White Wax
White wax in the dream relates to good health.

Dream About Yellow Wax
Yellow wax in the dream relates to some types of deceiving.

Dream About Red Wax
Red wax in the dream relates to the secret passion that may come and go fast.

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