Throne Dream Interpretation

Throne in dreams symbolizes power, leadership and authority. If the throne is lavish and luxurious, that signals wealth and riches which comes from your social standing and responsibility. Who ever appears to be on the throne in dreams suggests that they have power and authority in your waking life. Below are more throne related dream interpretations for the different scenarios.

Dream About Moving Towards a Throne
To see that you are moving closer to the throne and wanting to sit, suggests that you are working towards more control and authority in your waking life. Perhaps you are getting a promotion at work, or become a team leader at school. It could also reflect your desire to take over control and have more say.

Dream About Sitting on a Throne
To sit on a throne in the dream, suggests that you are in control of all aspects of your life. You will listen to people’s advice and opinions, but you will ultimately be in the position to decide on the final outcome.

Dream About Getting Off From a Throne
Getting off from a throne is the dream, it is a sign of losing position of authority and power. The dream reflects a change of social status, you might not be able to make the call like you used to, and you will start have to take orders from others.

Dream About Pushing or Replacing Someone at the Throne
To dream about replacing someone else at the throne, predicts quick and successful promotions at work or school. You will be able to replace team leaders, managers and take the helm of decision making.

Dream About Falling Off a Throne
To fall off a throne in the dream, foretells something negative is on the horizon. You will lose something valuable to you, which will render you powerless in certain scenarios. It could signal some type of illness that hinders your ability to make decisions for yourself.

Dream About Standing on a Throne
To see someone standing on the throne in the dream, indicates abuse of power. He or she might not be using the authority given to him or her properly. They might not take the responsibility seriously or they could be making poor judgement calls in the organization.

Dream About an Empty Throne
Seeing an empty throne by itself represent your future goals and desired achievements. If in the dream you are afraid or do not want to approach or sit on the throne, it can signify your unwillingness to accept responsibilities.

Dream About a Broken Throne
A broken throne in dreams is a bad sign that points to bad change, troubles, and worries. Your actions may be flawed that will cause disappointments and worries. Consider letting someone else take the helm for a while, until you sort out your own personal problems.

Dream About Someone Sitting on the Throne
To see someone sitting on the throne in the dream, signifies that you will assist someone to achieve their goals. It could also suggest their authority over your decisions. Someone may be able to profit and stand to gain off of your hard work.

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