Stamp Dream Interpretation

Stamps in the dream represents the need or cost associated with communication. Or if you are stamping something with a seal, relates to your act of approval. Consider where and why you are using the stamps in the dream to get better dream meanings.

Collecting Stamps
To dream that you are collecting stamps, relates to the various job titles and achievements that you are getting. You are getting names and recognition because of your actions. You will be surprised at how valuable some of your experiences and memories may be worth when the time is right.

Putting Stamps on Envelope
To dream that you are using stamps stickers or glueing stamp to an envelope, reflects that you have an important message to share. Perhaps you want a more formal way to deliver your thoughts, so that others will take you more seriously.

Removing Stamps from Envelope
Dreaming that you are removing stamps from envelope, foretells that you will get surprising value from old time connections. Some friends or acquaintance will reach out to you, and you will be able to learn or earn something from the relationship.

Insufficient Postage Stamp
Dreaming that your mail get rejected because of insufficient postage, portends that you are missing important part of your execution in relation to communication. Consider looking at your cell phone bills or other life bills, look for unexpected increases in those costs.

Buying Postage Stamps
Dreaming that you are buying postage stamps from the post office, grocery store, or other places, foretells that you will need to invest and pay to spread your knowledge. Perhaps you want to bring awareness to certain issues that you care about, and you need to be prepared to prepay money and energy upfront for no immediate results.

Stamping an Approval
To stamp a seal of approval in the dream, foretells that you will agree to a major change in life. Perhaps you will buy a new house or apartment with mortgage, or you are saying yes to a marriage proposal. You are saying yes to a major contract that is likely to make your life better.

Old or Moldy Stamp
Old or water damaged moldy stamps in the dream, relate to old desires and personal connections that might be dated. However, consider fulfilling those bucket list can help you feel better.

Rubber Stamp
Rubber stamp in the dream, points to you having to decide and approve many things in the near future. You will steadfastly adhere to your positions and stance. By being true throughout your career or project, you will eventually earn a good reputation by being persistent.

Antique Stamp
Antique and valuable stamp in the dream, signifies that you will have the interest of an influential and powerful person. He or she might provide you with financial or other assistance to get your business venture started. You may get a raise or promotion because of higher management or old boss.

Stamp Collection Book
To see a stamp collection book, is similar to a trophy display or photo album. You are holding a collection of your past social circle, memories, and achievement. However, if you use your reputation wisely, you can turn that into valuable and profitable transactions.

Stamp Gift
Dreaming about someone giving you stamps as a gift, signifies their desire for open communication. Perhaps he or she wants you to connect and get together with them.

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