Sticker Dream Meaning – Top 12 Dreams About Stickers

Did you dream about stickers? To see stickers in your dream suggest your tendency to hold on and cling to something while covering up the blank or parts that you do not like. Consider the message or picture on the sticker, the purpose of it, and where you are placing the stickers to get complete dream meanings.

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Dream About Using Stickers

Playing with Sticker
To dream that you are playing with stickers, suggests that you need to relive some parts of your childhood. Have an open mind to address some unfinished feelings and issues. You need closures about certain things when you were a child.

Applying Sticker
Dreaming that you are applying stickers as a decoration, indicates that you are enjoying putting a personal touch and customization to your daily routine. You are adding something unique to you in a monotone environment. Perhaps you are personalizing a dull place like a work cubicle or dorm room with decor and furniture to be uniquely yours.

Covering Something With Sticker
Dreaming that you are covering a stain or information with a sticker, suggests that you wish to override and cover up some information. You prefer to only reveal limited information. Perhaps you are covering up something negative in the past, so that you could protect your reputation in the future. You want to replace your past impression with a predetermined image moving forward.

Using Sticker as Tape
To dream that you are using a sticker to tape up something, suggests that you cannot let go and want to hold on to a relationship. However, you might be forcing a certain image or expectation about how your relationship should look. The dream portends that your effort will be in vain because it is one-sided.

Dream About Removing Stickers

Peeling Off and Removing Old Sticker
To dream that you are removing old stickers and lingering glue, reflect the difficulty to face past reality or mistakes that you or others have done in the past. You are unwinding actions that were done in the past. The dream relates to regret about wanting to redo something over like time traveling. You want to remove all traces of a past memory.

Dream About Different Types of Stickers

Sticky Notes or Sticker Labels
Dreaming about sticker labels and sticker notes, points to special signs and warnings that you need to pay attention to. Something is different this time that requires you to act differently. Something will attract your attention in the physical and spiritual world.

Sticker Book
To dream about a sticker book, points you to look at things in connection. See how the stickers relate to one another. Perhaps you need to reorganize your thoughts and life. So that you could achieve a cohesive sense of self. You are a combination of all the different images and roles that you display.

Sticker Tattoo
Dreaming about sticker tattoo, points to a drastic but temporary display of individuality and freedom. You will have the chance to express your true thoughts, but it is not permanent.

Glass Sticker
A glass sticker on windows in the dream, may represent a clear message that you try to express. You are letting the world know and understand what you think. But at the same time, you may be unwilling to understand other people’s perspectives because you have covered up your bridge of communication.

Bumper Sticker
A bumper sticker in the dream indicates that you want everyone to know about a certain group or identity that you associate with. You could care less about what other people think of you.

Parking Sticker or Decals
Getting a parking sticker or decal suggests that you are now getting an idea of what you to do with your life. However, you will need to be flexible about the process of achieving it. Details can also change, but your general direction will mainly stay the same.

Stamp Sticker
To dream about a stamp sticker, indicates that you are paying a toll or fee in order to get your point across. Perhaps you are bringing awareness of your services as an advertisement. You are willing to invest resources to make sure that your message gets delivered through mail or other mediums.

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