Pillow Dream Meaning – Top 23 Dreams About Pillow

Did you dream about pillows? Pillow in dreams represents relaxation, comfort, and easy. Take it easy on yourself instead of pushing yourself too hard. Pay attention to how you are interacting and using the pillow in a dream. Think about the quality and conditions of the pillows to get better ideas on how they could relate to your waking life. Consider how you are resting your body on the pillow such as your neck, arms, or legs to get the ideas.

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Dream About Action Towards Pillow

Getting Pillows

Buying Pillow
Buying pillows that match your mattress in dreams; foretells financial wellness that you will bring to make your personal life more comfortable and enjoyable. You will be able to save more money for yourself and your family in the near future.

Filling Pillow with Cotton or Feather
To fill a pillow with feathers or cotton, foretells that you will save money in the near future. You will use this money to make your life more fulfilling and comfortable.

Using Pillow for Comfort

Lying on Pillow
Dreaming that you are lying on a pillow, represents your desire to find support and comfort in real life. Perhaps you need to rely on someone in order to achieve your goals.

Hugging Pillow
To dream that you are hugging a pillow, indicates that you are feeling lonely. Perhaps you are thinking about being with people that you have been in the past such as ex girlfriend or ex boyfriend.

Having Fun with Pillows

Having a Pillow Fight
A pillow fight or pillow war in the dream suggests that you are in need of mental support and constructive criticism. You wish for people to wake you up with something exciting, but not to the point of hurting you. You will enjoy certain interactions with the people around you.

Building a Pillow Fort
To build a pillow fort or castle, indicates laziness and the desire to keep the status quo. You are creating a structure for yourself to hide and escape from daily hustles.

Other Actions

Carrying Pillow
Carrying a pillow in the dream means that you will have a journey in which you seek comfort like a relaxing vacation. However, the dream foretells that you might not get the relaxation that you have sought. Instead, you will create additional work.

Throwing Pillow
Throwing a pillow away or at someone in the dream; suggests that you will toss away certain opportunities or options for you and others. Perhaps you are eliminating certain choices that you have deemed not worthwhile for you to think or sleep on.

Eating Pillow
Eating pillow in the dream, signifies that you will set up up a new love story. However, this new love may not end well because you are not thinking clearly about your decisions.

Burning Pillow on Fire
Setting a pillow on fire in the dream indicates that you are in self-denial. You are sabotaging your relationship with intimate partners to achieve nothing.

Driving Pillow for Cars
To use a driving pillow for cars or trucks, foretells that you will be on the road in the near future. Take the time and energy to make your journey more comfortable.

Giving a Pillow
Giving a pillow to someone in the dream, indicates that you will listen to the love troubles of someone. By listening to their stories, you will be able to make the person feel better.

Being Smothered with Pillow
To dream that you are being smothered with a pillow; warns that you need to be careful about other people’s seemingly kindness or sales pitch. Someone will take advantage of you and force you to make bad financial decisions. If you are not careful about how you proceed, the well being of you and your family can be seriously hindered.

Dream About Colors of the Pillow

Red Pillow
To dream about a red pillow, points to your passion and desires.

Pink Pillow
A pink pillow in dreams represents that you will be proposed in the near future.

Black Pillow
The black pillow in the dream is a bad sign, it suggests that you will get divorced or widowed from your spouse.

White Pillow
A white pillow in dreams foretells that you will stay single or become single in the near future.

Blue Pillow
Blue pillows in the dreams refer to logical or even compulsory marriage because of financial reasons. Perhaps you are marrying for money or that you or fiancee have become pregnant.

Dream About Pillow Appearances

Dirty Pillow
Dirty pillow in the dream, points to bad debts and mortgage that you have. Something that was meant to give you comfort and ease of mind, is making you stressed and sick.

Floating Pillow
Seeing a floating pillow in the dream, indicates unrealistic expectations for the supports that you could get from employees or family members.

Bloody Pillow
A blood-soaked pillow in the dream, signifies a breakdown of your relationship in waking life. It points to a total failure of intimate relationships and partnerships that you have. Something that you once comfort is going to remind you of the bad times and experiences.

Wet Pillow
A wet pillow in the dream, indicates that you might encounter certain health issues related to your body fluids such as blood, sweat, or urine.

Small Baby Pillow
To dream about a small baby pillow, points out that you will continue your relationship for the sake of someone else.

Pillowcase or Pillow Cover
To dream about a pillowcase or pillow cover, refers to the conditions, limits, and barriers with your most personal thoughts and relationship. If the pillowcase is by itself without a pillow, it suggests that your marriage may be lacking and not fulfilled. You are having unrealistic expectations of your spouse.

Silk Pillow
Silk pillow in dreams, points to vanity, and investments that you will soon rely on for comfort. You will soon obtain respect and appreciation for your thoughts and personal opinions.

Big Pillow
Big pillow in dreams, symbolize that you will enjoy a good job or achievement that you have accomplished. You can now find the time and excuse to relax and recharge.

Dream About What Is On the Pillows

Snake Under Pillow
To see a snake under the pillow, is a warning that you need to think twice about other people’s behaviors. Be careful if you offer loans or help to anyone close to you. They might not appreciate and bite you instead.

Hair on Pillow
Having many fallen hair on the pillow, points to undue stress that you are experiencing. The stress might be getting ahold of your life and well being.

Spider on Pillow
To see a spider on a pillow in the dream, suggests that someone in your intimate circle is manipulating your actions. Think twice before you make any major decisions.

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