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Did you dream about the scarf? Scarf in terms represents self-restriction and comfort against the harsh environment. You are protecting your voice somehow amidst criticisms and tough weather. Protecting your neck because it is the link between your mind and body. Perhaps you are under some sort of mental attack, and you are seeking ways to preserve your own safety. Below we will note more specific dream meaning for scarves.

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Dream About Actions with Scarf

Buying Scarf
To see yourself shopping or buying a scarf in the dream; foretell that you will soon be put in an uncomfortable situation. You are taking preventive measures to let others know how you feel ahead of time. You are dropping hints for others to understand your position without saying.

Carrying A Scarf
To dream that you are carrying a scarf or tieing your hands or feet with scarves; suggests that you are self-imposing certain boundaries and restrictions. You believe that self-restraint will be the best to preserve your relationship. However, you are choosing not to express yourself at all.

Finding Lost Scarf
Dreaming that you have found a lost scarf; foretells that you will regain your control and voice in the organization.

Losing A Scarf
To dream that you have lost a scarf; suggests that you will struggle to express your thoughts. Perhaps you will become vulnerable for voicing opinions straight from your mind and heart.

Wearing A Scarf Around Neck
Dreaming about wearing a scarf; suggests that you need to find the perfect balance between your heart and your head. Before you voice your concerns, think both logically and emotionally about what matters to you.

Gifting a Scarf
To dream that you give a scarf to someone as a gift or receive one; indicates emotional support. You are giving someone else the support. Or you have the underlying support to face whatever obstacle that is about to come.

Knitting Scarf
Dreaming that you are knitting a scarf from yarn and needle; indicates that you are trying to achieve joy and satisfaction. You are putting together people into your social circle and support network.

Dream About Types of Scarf

Head Scarf
Dreaming that you are wearing the scarf on your head as a bandana; indicates that you will no longer open your heart to other people’s ideas. You will stand your ground and belief like a gangster. You are out to prove a point. And you are not afraid to let people know what you think.

Scarf Ring
Scarf ring in the dream points to presentation and attention to detail. You are paying attention to how you articulate your thoughts. The dream suggests that you will soon give an important speech to crowds or audiences.

A scarf on a Snowman or Mannequin Doll
To dream that you put a scarf on a mannequin doll or snowman; suggests that you will try your best to make someone feel comfortable. However, he or she will not appreciate your gestures.

Dream About Scarf Conditions

New Scarf
To see new scarf in the dream; foretells that you will meet a new group of people who offer you support during tough times.

Dirty Scarf
To see dirty scarf in the dream; implies that you will soon have to settle with a choice. You will be forced to agree on something that you do not necessarily like.

Torn Scarf
Torn scarf in the dream is an omen for loss. You will soon endure an end of relationship or losing someone. This will lead to painful and uncomfortable periods in the future. Perhaps you are pushing something too hard. And something will eventually break.

Silk Scarf
A pure silk scarf in the dream points to prosperity.

Dream About Scarf Colors

Black Scarf
The black scarf in the dream indicates insensitivity. You will not care about how others feel about you.

Blue Scarf
A blue scarf in the dream points to vitality and tranquility. You will remain calm during moments of turmoil.

Colorful Scarf
A colorful rainbow scarf in the dream points to good deeds.

Gold Scarf
A golden scarf in the dream suggests that good luck will befall you.

Green Scarf
The green scarf in the dream relates to growth and wishful thinking.

Pink Scarf
The pink scarf in the dream points to good events and happen moments. Remember the times where you were in love or happy with friends. If you are wearing a pink cloche hat at the same time; it points to those sweet memories.

Purple Scarf
To see purple scarf in the dream; foretells that you will use your savings to remain good and royal image.

Red Scarf
Red scarf in the dream points to aggressive emotions such as envy or jealousy.

White Scarf
A white scarf in the dream signifies sadness. You will feel sad about certain events that you will have hard time finding words for.

Yellow Scarf
The yellow scarf in the dream relates to new businesses. Follow both your heart and mind to make the right choices. Do not give up simply because of other people’s disapproval.

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