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Snowman Dream Interpretation — 2 Comments

  1. I had a strange dream last night that I was at my church for 2 plays. I don’t remember what the first was really about, I remember my coworker was a lead but the main lead was a little boy the second was all about Disney princesses & all of the Disney princesses were in it. I had wondered off to get my Gatorade in the 3rd grade classroom & suddenly I was at my parents house. I found a drone beneath a snowman in my front yard so I started to watch the footage. A man was speaking & it showed him taking off, beneath the snowman. I could see it was a blue sky day with many puffy clouds. He was with all these famous people & they were all sharing experiences of UFOs. The guy who was guiding the drone pointed the drone in the south~east direction & spoke of his “lady of Aquarius.” I had paused it there & went to put the drone inside, along with the remote. I then woke up.

  2. The reason I looked this up was that I recently had a dream in which I was the main character of the game Outlast and I was armed with only a kitchen knife and the video camera similar to the game. Instead of the deranged and mental sickly people inside the asylum, there were only hostile snowmen chasing after me. It occurred to me that I have nightmares frequently lately and it’s causing me to lose my hours of sleep haha.

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