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    • I had a dream thAt there was a gray and white shark in my pool. Then the shark attacked me but then I didn’t die though but nobody care that I got bitten except my cousins. Then 🙀🙀🙀🙀 a toddler swam in .
      You know what happens next but I saw it in my very eyes. I cry that morning I woke up.😿😿😿😿😿😾

      • I dreamed that I was talking a boat ride with my dad, sister, and sister’s best friend. As we got further out into the lake there was two sharks, one white and the other black and the white one was activly bumping into the engine on the boat. We made a sharp turn and I fell into the water, as the shark swam near me I closed my eyes and just stayed still. Then the shark dived under me so I swam to shore and climbed a small moutian, what ended up happening was the shark walk onto the land (yeah crazy) and tried to go after me. I used the rock as a diving board and jumped into the water next to the boat, I climbed back onto the boat and that’s when the dream ends. In the whole dream the black one just follows. What does this mean? I’m really scared and confused.

  1. I dreamt of sharks in an in ground pool, and people were falling in. I woke up as a man (a stranger) was attacked, but got away.

    • I had thisame dream when I was young
      It was a giant pool full of sharks and when I jumed in the shark was going around me and it ate me whole

      • I dreamed I was in a fish tank with tropical fishes and there was a tank below me with a medium size shark swimming happily below in another tank but I was not afraid and the entire dream was in black and white there were no colors

  2. I was swimming in the ocean around dusk. Upon exiting the water onto the beach a shark came from beneath and attached my right arm. I ran outta the water and had a family member take me to the hospital.

  3. Hi there. I dreamed that 2 black sharks were attacking and eating a black whale. This was happening in a swiiming pool that backed onto the sea. It 2as on a holiday resort. There were also black whales attacking and eating other black whales and tales and fins were bitten off. It was a scene of panic and fear as people fled. At the end of the dream a huge black horse came out of the pool. A lady I know sat quietly near the pool stroking his neck. He was calm. I woke up. Very vivid and very real feeling.

  4. I dreamed about a shark biting the other girl it was 4 of us a bit her leg and then it left and then it came back to finish her off and then it came back at full speed to try to eat me too but I escaped this happen at an ocean and there was lots of rocks around Big Rock

  5. Hi, I keep having a reoccurring dream about being on vacation but when I am in the water (DEEP water) I look down and there are Great whites swimming down below. I’ve never been attacked but I’m always telling people in my dream to be careful!?

  6. i dreamed that i was swimming in the beach then someone said “shark!” and for some reason i was talking to someone in a shark floatie idk and i started swimming out of the water because i was pretty far away from the shore and i swimmer very fast and then they said it wasn’t a shark idk it was really weird

  7. I keep dreamig that my dad gets killed by a shark while sleeping on the edge of a pool. What does that mean? Please help

  8. I keep dreaming that my dad gets killed by a shark while sleeping on the edge of a pool. What does it mean? Please help

  9. In my dream I was in Clearwater and the shark was swimming next to me. If shark actually brushed up against my leg and more of a protector then a predator.

  10. I dreamt that I was at a family party and we and the entire neighborhood had a river. The water was crystal clear and some people were swimming. Then we saw a baby Great White Shark. And it just swam in the water with everyone. Then the mom showed up randomly but they didn’t attack they just saw. And finally they were caught.

  11. I dreamt that there were tons of small sharks in a small pool of water and then all of a sudden they manged to get out of the water a chase people around me who some seem to be my family and some strangers. The sharks were chasing us all and then we managed to make a barrier so that the sharks wouldn’t bite us. Someone they managed to slither their way to us and I got bit by one of them on my hand and I was helping others who got bit and threw them far. What does this mean?

  12. Had a dream there was a big blue and white shark in a swimming pool. We couldn’t see it at all while it was under the water, only when it came up to go after someone. After this happened a few times, we all got out of the pool. Somehow, the shark was able to get out of the pool, and run/walk toward us on it’s back tail fins, using them as feet. It’s head morphed into a more human shape too.

  13. I had a dream of a great white shark lying on the beach and I and some friends helped it by getting it into a tank with salt water – then i tried to keep my kids away from it, it then turned into a weird demon woman that I ran away from and I ended up safe.

  14. My dream was about being at the beach everyone swimming and playing in the water then out of no where huge waves came crashing in people were drowning left and right i could only save a few mainly children little girls mostly sharks where coming to shore and attacking people children to be exact. I have had this dream two times in a row tonight what does it mean??

  15. I have had the same dream every night for almost one week. Pushed into the water where I am chased by a shark, very closely I can see the inside of the mouth . I always wake before I know the outcome. It is very bothersome. Any inside?

  16. I dreamt of being completely alone in the middle of no where on the ocean. I was driving a little ski do like boat that was orange with an orange thing on the back used to carry people from accidents. Like a life guard. I sensed the shark before it even begun chasing me. And when I turned to look if it was coming, I could start to see it’s fun, only seeing it bring its head and jaws out wide open before completely waking up.

  17. I had a dream of a big great white or megaladon shark being used as a movie prop. It was skinned alive in the front while a crane flung it in the air then it screamed and fell into the sea. Not to mention a fake movie prop plesiosaur was used to make the shark look like it ws being attacked by it… It was all for a movie and it happened to 3-4 different sharks… I. Couldnt listen to the sharjs scream so i covered my ears in the dream.. Worst scream ive heard in my entire life!!! What does this dream mean??

  18. I dreamt of a row of islands, with water bodies in between them. I weaved my way in and out and somehow dodged all the sharks and none of them bit or attacked me although I thought I was going to get bitten as I was weaving in and out to get to the next island.

  19. The ocean’s call is pulling me…..
    I just had a dream about rescuing a white pointer that had beached itself…..I could sense he isn’t happy where he is in his life…. So I dragged him back to the water and sat with him in the shore waves resuscitating him…..
    All the while talking to him, he is listening, understands me ……
    Eventually, he lets me lead him to deeper waters where we swim gently, rolling around each other in and out of the waves Soon we are wave surfing and we are both very happy. I look at him and I know he, we are ready….. So I slid up on his back, hold onto his dorsal fin and he takes me out beyond the waves to the oceans depths. He dives deep, I hold on tight, and then in a rush upward, he breaches the surface. We are both so exhilarated flying high and crashing back down …… We play like this, laughing out loud, for what seems an eternity.
    Together we learn to live the life we are meant to live.
    He brings me back to the shallows and we say we will see each other tomorrow……. I see us spending our days together, our spirits free, living our authentic selves with no boundaries……

  20. I have a frequent dream I’m at the beach with my family and the tide starts coming in. I tell everyone to move because the tide is coming. And then I always see a great white shark just swimming close, but it never comes close. What does it mean?

  21. i dreamt that we were at the ocean with crocodiles and shark to observe them. then suddenly my dream change and i notice that my hair is cut short i don’t know why. then i remembered i was attacked by white shark and ate my hair leaving it short. i returned to ocean and now crocodiles are attacking people.

  22. I had a dream I was in a clear blue water, there were couple of great white sharks swimming in there. They launched at me 1 after another, once they came close to me I punched them in the nose, I pobably punched 4 shaks in the nose and eventually they swam away in fear and frustation.

    What does it mean?

  23. I was stranded in the middle of the ocean with no land in sight. I would look down into the water and see a great white shark in the distance slowly coming my way. Eventually it would get to me and start attacking me, blood everywhere. I would try to defend myself but every night I would wake up in the middle of the attack and it was terrifying.

    These dreams started happening after my father assaulted me and stopped happening when I learned what they meant.

    Thank you to whoever made this article. You helped me realize and overcome a lot.

  24. I had a dream that my husband and I were both sitting on a sofa at a relatives house and a small size shark appeared from under the sofa and gave a little bite to both of our feet. My husband picked up the shark and carried it outside to show our relatives. I have no idea what this means.

    • hey fiona…all i cn say is pray for ppl surrounding u as few arent happy of ur success n if u find dat sometyms ur foot jst painful or stop responding take warm water pray n bath ur foot ..only a faithful prayer can ressolve this

  25. Please comment if possibel! Thanks so much!
    I tried to meditate with a body scan wile i was laying in my bed. While i tried to meditate I askt: If someone can hear me please give me advice. Then I fell asleep. I rarely dream and never this clear as the following;
    In my dream something brought me to a swimmingpool. I was looking at the swimmingpool from above, a balkoni. There was a very big mean looking shark (like jaws) in the pool. I felt a bit scared but more really guilty. It felt like i had rescued the shark from death years ago but i had forgot all about it. I didnt give it fresh water, food or attention or freedom. Its probebly the reason why he looked so mean. I amidiatly tried to do something. The water was not clear so i could not see him most of the time what scared me. I tried to put fresh water in the pool but it was useless, the pool was almost full with the not clear water. Strangely i didnt throw mead in the pool but dry catfood. I did not see the shark and didnt know or it ate the food. I felt scared of the shark and more so a lot of guild. i didnt know how to fix the situation and felt also verry sad for it and angry at myself, how could i have forgot this?
    Than I woke up. The dream was so real that for a couple of minutes I thought a realy had to find the shark I left in a pool and take care of it. Than I realist I never put a shark anywhere (haha). But it really felt like a message that can help me. I’m not doing well for some years now even though I seek help from a doctor and psychologist.
    Maby this dream can help me save my one as. Can somebody please translate or this dream could mean anything? I would be very gratefully, thanks so much in advance!

  26. The only thing I have to say is the shark dream is real.I dream about two great white sharks and they turned black. The next day I asked goolg what it means. Well I got my answer from Googl and a few days later I got my answer in real life. I feel like shut.

  27. I had a dream that I could walk on water and when I would get to the land a great white shark would jump out of the water towards me and land on the dock, but it was not aggressive. It was very friendly like a dog. It just wanted me to see it. what could this mean?

  28. I had a dream that my collage friends and me went to the beach and where getting picked off one by one. Only leaving behind a necklace with an emblem of our collage on it when ever he picked one of us off.

  29. I was was living at a very large, grand house. i was different and my family were different people also. we were having a lovely dinner with several guests, possibly around 100 people. after dinner a few of us decided to walk down several flights of stone stairs in our large garden to our private beach below.

    This black shark with quite a large head/mouth/teeth, but a shortish body and basically little stubs for a tail, came out of the water and was aggressively “crawling” towards us. several other sharks began to come out of the water and were heading towards the house up the stone stairs.

    not all of them were coming directly towards us. They seemed to be attacking all of us and were trying to get to the house.

    it was almost like they werent strong enough to get close to the house, so they desperately retuned to the water.

    the next day “in the dream” the same thing happened again. except this time, the sharks came on a huge wave of water. I was terrified of drowning and desperately ran up the stone steps of my garden and manager to get into the houses. a few people sadly died and were washed away and eaten by the sharks.

    The next day again “in the dream” the exact same thing happened again except the wave entered the house and flooded the downstairs. we ran to the upstairs of the house and sharks will killing all our guests downstairs.

    This kept on happening until everyone ecept me was dead, and then i woke up.

    this was am increadibly powerful and vivid dream. it would be great to get some advice on what it means!!

  30. I had a dream I was at my family cottage and saw some manatees in the shallow harbour. I was wondering why they were in so far in but didn’t say anything to the two people I was with. They both went off swimming and I thought maybe the manatees were hiding from a predictor or a shark then I saw a fin and yelled for them to get out of the water cause it was a shark. Then it started to come towards me so I got out of the water. My sister said it looked like a huge monster cause I could only see fin and she could see from the side. It swam right up the the shoreline I was standing on and gave me a calm look and almost nodded as if it wanted me to follow it to sea. So I got in the water with it and followed it and it slowed down like it wanted me to grab its tail fin. So I held on as it started to carry me out to see then I woke up. …. no posts have spoken about a friendly shark so I’m not sure what to make of it. I am both deeply terrified and amazed by sharks.

  31. what I dream about is me and another two people i don’t know swimming in a clean but unclear river. But suddenly, when we were going back to the safest shore, a shark appear, something between a baby and an adult white shark. one of us were already on the shore trying to call for help but failed, I was near but I turn back to help my other friend trying to swim away, i helped him or her and she was nearer, just then the waves or the river almost swallowed me but i keep swimming. at that point, i was still trying to fight but not in a state of panic andalso wondered, what does it feel like to get killed or bitten by a shark? just then I felt tingles and snap at my neck and i realize the shark have eaten my head off.and my last thought was the word ouch. i opened my eyes and realize the tingles came from my hair and the snap was just a natural thing considering i’ve been having nightmares and stretching my neck.i laugh at the thought of the dream but still anxious. i also have no idea what happened to my body.

  32. Last night I dream’t about jogging along a beach in the most serene beautiful conditions, just before either dawn or dusk. Great white sharks were beaching themselves. Some still alive, some dead. Before going to sleep last night my husband had news that his father had passed away .. Are they connected?

  33. I dreamed that I was in a vacation. In the hotel where I stayed in the middle there is water filled with sharks. The hotel people actually allow the visitors to take a ride in some kind of train from where you can see the sharks swimming along with us.
    There are few man also who help to control the sharks when ever the become wild. Then suddenly I see a shark is trying to chase me….then a man comes and saves me. Afterwards I find myself kissing that man.

    Could You Please Tell Me If This Dream Meant Anything….

  34. I was walking on a beach with a sea of glass. went for a swim and while I was underwater, I captured a small tiger shark by the tail. I brought it to the beach where i was met by a small boy about 10 or so. He was standing right next to the mouth and the shark clamped on to his foot. I reacted, poked its eyes out where the shark released its bite. The boys foot was bleeding bad. I wrapped it with a towel for a brief second, removed the towel and saw the foot almost heal automatically. I then walked down the beach and it ended

  35. I am looking up at the sky in stormy weather and see a helicopter chasing a big plane,,,they nearly crash into each other and the plane suddenly takes a sharp turn upward and away, kinda leaving the struggling helicipter in the dust. The large logo on the plane, as clear as day, is the head and mouth a fierce shark, showing its teeth. Iwas diagnosed six wks ago with cml,, a type of leukemia,. Could this dream mean the disease will suddenly subside n go away? Or perhaps a quick death?

  36. I dreamt I was walking along this long bridge that went across a lot of water and the water was so close to the bridge. I kept thinking I was going to get attacked by a shark. I didn’t see one though and I had walked along this bridge a couple of times.It was dark outside but bright enough that you could see. It was very surreal. I am not sure what it means. I did go on a dating website plenty of fish.com so maybe it’s how I feel about it . I’m kinda scared — I’ve had warning dreams before. Well one anyways.

  37. I dreamt about one of my friends being sad then knowingly jumping into a shark infested water. They then regretted it and one of my brave friends had to save them and I was hesitant but still tried to help pull them both from the water.

  38. i dremt i was on a beach the sea was chopy i was with a ex partner and others who i didnt know … a great white whashed up on shore we tried saving it but it died i pulled a tooth to remeber it and gutted its belly ….while walking away a huge tsunami came and me and my ex was riding it above the cliffss i then had to climb down and eventtly jump of the wave was like a wall ..then it ended

  39. Hi Everyone!
    I had a dream a few weeks ago that I was on at a Rooftop Pool with 2 other people, that I seemed to know, but couldn’t see their face.I was outside of the pool and the other two were dangling their feet in the pool. There was a short wall surrounding the rooftop.
    I remembered that there might be a shark in the pool, so I warned them that there might be a shark in the pool. Then a dark shadow appeared in the water and a Great White Shark popped out of the water and jumped out to try an eat me. i was scared, but I knew that if I sat on top of the wall, the shark would barely miss me. It tried to bite me, but missed and slammed on the concrete. It went back in the water and then I woke up. I felt slightly scared, but I knew that I just had to get to the wall. The circumstances cross over a few different areas of interpretation. Any Ideas? thanks!

  40. I had a dream. A swimming pool full of sharks in front of me. Black, Grey, all of them. I was kneeling on the side of the pool. My girlfriend was behind me inside the glass slider door, she did not want to come out to the pool.

  41. I dreamt that there’s a big wild shark coming towards me in the house and I dodge his attack and after that it gone for a moment. While I hunt it (holding 2 sharp objects on my hands) my cousin saw that it hid in my sister’s room so I immediately rush to get inside to kill it, but it is gone but it has a baby shark left in that room. I was going to kill that bastard shark, hope I catch and kill it 🙂

  42. Last night I had a dream that I was coughing up a bunch of tiny sharks. I’d feel them in the back of my throat and work them out… I kept hoping that it was the last one but there were just one right after the other and it was gross. Apparently coughing up sharks isn’t a regular thing..

  43. I had a dream of being inside a shark tank observing the sharks – who did not harm me but i felt rather suffocated and uneasy (cause i didn’t have an oxygen tank?), and wanted to get out of it as soon as possible.

  44. I had a dream last night that one as trying to save a shark that was beached and it was nearly dead than when I pushed it deep enough it attacked someone else. What does that mean?

  45. I had a dream that there was a shark (I think grey) and that it was in a pool of some kind and it was swimming with a dog. Then The dog came out of the water and it came out of the water with it. I ended up cutting it with some kind of sword for what felt like a long duration of time. It eventually died. Any thoughts?

  46. I’m scared, I dreamt about being in the ocean when I have a strong feeling with in me, it was a giant great white shark, it swam towards me and I felt so scared, I thought that I was gonna die. I saw a giant rock and jumped on it. Then the shark jump in the air and nearly got me. The next thing I did is that I saw a wall with fences and I climbed on it and escaped without being killed. Unfortunately, some kids wanted to swim there and I told them no. One girl did and jumped in the water and got killed. I was horrified and I told everyone not to go to the beach. I woke up and research the meaning. I hope I don’t die in real life or lose someone I love in real life or get horrible bad luck. Please tell me what it means, I feel really scared.

  47. i don’t usually think too much of dreams, but this one particular dream, i found a shark carcass in the attic, it was dark, but i could somehow see (like those nightmode cameras) and the image of the dead shark with empty white eyes was so vivid, that image still pops up in my mind even though it’s been a week since the dream.

  48. I have been having dreams for months night after night… In each on there has been a huge black shark circling me… I could be on a rock or on a dock. Some times the shark would talk saying that I got away this time but maybe not the next. Then last night I was asleep and me and my friends went swimming in the ocean and two sharks came at us in full speed… Next we were in a bathroom and there was a shark I have never seen before… It came up to bite me and just as it did I hit it and it slammed against the sink. Then I woke up

  49. Hi. Good day! What does it mean when you dream about shark. last night, i dream that where in the beach with 2 old friends and suddenly i recognize that the beach is where we go last time then the type of dream i had is like from the Shallows, i see the shark Gray something is the color but he never bite us just circling around us and suddenly go away but i notice the shark stare long at me

  50. I was on a beach and saw a massive shark fin come out of the water then I was on a boat and the shark looked liked it was captured on another boat with his mouth tied with rope also in the dream a man had got tangled by rope as the shark was chasing him he got pulled safely to the boat

  51. i dreamed a team including me went to take a white very shiny pearl in a ocean. a old man jumps into the ocean to take the pearl.when he reaches nearer to that pearl suddenly a very big shark came from somewhere very aggressively attack that old man but we rescued him.i that sharks teeth with some blood strains. then we are at my college hostel,there is a pond in which there is crocodile. there are so many crocodiles. one boy came there and told that there is the pearl which we went to get in the ocean. guy said that crocodiles are calm . my sister jumps into it. suddenly one crocodile aggressively bit other crocodile.suddenly me and mom ran into the hostel top floor again i return to down floor to my friend room but at balcony there are 2 crocodile lies there and one is beyond the grill gate.these crocodiles shouts rigorously

    that sharks blood strained teeth till come to mind.
    plz convey the reason for this dream.

  52. My dream had me being chased by a shark running on land can shape shift in to any body I would see it eat people but I was fighting back at the end I was able to push it back with a dog hybrid and survived what is does that mean

  53. What does it mean when a shark grows legs chases you and a hole lot of people eat said people then chases you on land to get away then you find a camp with a hybrid dog and survived and also fighting it.

  54. Sooo I had a dream that there was a shark that grow legs and tried to eat me but it ate other people we were trying to kill it but I was able to get away then it started to chase me in forms of people and it would change back I would out run it on land but on water I couldn’t but at the end a dog hybrid saved me sooo what’s that mean

  55. Hey, I woke up to being attacked by a big tiger shark light blue in color.There was two and I remember the one trying to bite my off my legs but I kept kicking it and I got free.I recall knowing that they were around and expected the attack and almost new what to do. I woke up to fighting it off.What a bad dream felt so real.Thanks for helping me understand my dream

  56. I had a dream about a shark in a pool threatening to kill people I cared about. Every now and then a dead fish corpse would rise up. The shark was in a pool and everyone I cared about was surrounding around it in fascination despite it being a very dangerous animal. I kept trying to warn them and I kept panicking and all that but nothing happened, the shark was just enjoying it’s self and scaring me. I wish I knew what it meant but I’m not really getting anything from this website. 🙂

  57. In my dream we were a group of friends, random new friends, old school friends and people I didn’t know. There was a lot of angry jumping sharks in the sea pool and we deliberately jumped in and they started biting our legs. We got out safe and went in again with a big lilo but our feet was still dangling in the water and they were still biting our legs. Everyone frantically swam away except me, I kept calm while the sharks were chewing on my legs and calmly swam to safety

  58. I was floating leisurely on a raft like a floatie in figi and there was a little girl almost my size on me like she was using me as a pillow. I don’t know her in real life but i knew her in the dream. We floated back to the landing and the planks started slipping apart, i had to put her up on it first then try to put them back together so i could. Once i did, we walked to the other side and there were people around and great white sharks jumping up out of the water like they were trying to get the people sitting on the edge. I was sitting there and two sharks jumped up and i got back in time to avoid getting bitten. There were sharks circling and swimming around like they were waiting for something to fall in the water.

  59. He dream I had was about a megalodon shark. I was trying to save it from someone who wanted to kill it. The shark had a massive trap like muzzle on its face. After I removed it, the shark still died. I then tried to hide the muzzle, but the person still found it.

    Any thoughts?

  60. I had a dream last night that I was on a ship and we crashed and everyone I love and myself were in shark infested waters. I was swimming trying to save the people I love and as soon as I got to someone I love a shark would eat them. Then I had my fiance was the only one left and he was on a beach slowly dying by a shark bite and I was trying to get to him and I got eaten by the shark and thats how I woke up. What could that mean?

  61. i dreazmed i was hiding behind a wood panel under the water on the bottom from a white shark and I was so afraid it was going to attack and eat me. This was 3 days ago. Last night my good friend Sam Houston from Huffman/Crosby area was shot and killed

  62. Hellow,

    Last night I dreamed that me, my wife, my daughter and my son are in some where in sea, one sea is up and one sea is down and we are trying to go some where and i saw that my wife and my daughter jumping into water and i saw that too much sharks are there and attacking poeple. after some time i found my daughter and she was too sick and i asked here where is mom she said that mom is died after that i woke up.

    can you interpret my this dream.


  63. In dream: I was on a trip by boat with my mom to… i don’t actually know, but then the shark appeared and some random person saw it and Skreamed: SHARK!
    I didn’t know what to do. That adreniline attack i had in my dream…
    Well, anyways we fell off the boat and swimmed as fast as we could to the boat again… til’ we saw the shark under the watter bellow the boat…

    Out of the dream: I woke up crying, the only thing i rememberd was that my mom was eaten and that i was on land… then i woke up. After about 5 seconds i realized that is was only a dream.

    That was the scariesd dream i’ve had so far…

  64. Hi. I. Dreamt I had to ride. Shark and I was really scared because I don’t even know how to swim. But someone, a friend urged me to ride it, he told me to hold the fin on top of the shark while riding it, and said that I wunt fall if I do so. He even suggested he will climb the shark while I hold on to his back. I eventually rode the shark succcessfully.

  65. Here is my dream and it was horrible, a nightmare. would love some insights about it. What is my subconscious trying to tell me?

    I want to sail in the open water in the sea. No one wants to come with me. I decide it wont be an obstacle and take the boat and go sailing. I tell myself I know how to drive ; the captain taught me.

    Its sunset. I go in the open water and run so fast… I can no longer see the shore. I am in the very far deep and the boat is going so fast. I feel the wind and I see the deep blue water and I feel so good. I wonder how no one wants to experience this. Its priceless. Its completly dark now and I can no longer see anything from the land.. i am connecting with nature and I feel it’s where I belong.

    the boat is still running full speed and I feel maybe I need to turn away and head back to the direction of the shore so i dont get lost. I will not return to the shore but will just drive that direction as I’m too far away in the middle of nowhere. I move the steering wheel to turn around and shift directions but I find that the start boat rotating so fast on itself… I fall on my ass and find myself unable to get up from the fast rotation of the boat on itself. I remember that the captain told me that to turn a boat u have to move the steering wheel slowly as it takes time to turn but ends up with the slighliest movement making a big shift in direction towards the direction wanted…

    I tell myself I should have turned the steering wheel slowly … I shouldn’t have turned it while the boat is going that fast. I should have slowed down.. and as i say this the boat keeps turning around itself like the round-about so fast and i have no clue what to do.

    I can see sharks one meters away from me.. I see one then 2 then many… I tell myself it’s ok they are far… but then I start feeling water on my cloth and I realise water came in the boat and it’s starting to sink with me sitting in it and the sharks are coming towards me. I can see them, feel them under me and around me as my body and the boat is sinking in the water. I feel my time has come.. I think of the kids. Inner dialogue goes as so :

    They wont see me again.. how will it impact them. I I’ve been wanting to leave this planet.. why am I not happy? why am I afraid. It’s the moment ive been waiting for. I wanted to leave but not this way.. i did not want to leave while sinking and suffocating and being eaten by sharks. I start panicking and I have strong heartbeats.. in my real dreaming body I feel everything… the fear. The heartbeats.. the throat with a big ball in it…and I force myself to wake up from the dream..

  66. I had a dream that my sister who can not swim was in a pool When I noticed this, I started running over to pull her out. Just as I get to the edge of the pool I look up and see this large grey shark coming at us from the sky, I pull her out just in time to see my son jump in, only to have the shark swallow him whole, I’m frantically trying to pry the shark’s mouth open but I can’t get around the teeth. I shout to my son to fight and don’t let go. My son somehow kills the shark, I see it floating in the pool I pry the mouth open to see my son holding onto his cousin. they are alive, my sister rushes to grab her child. and just never says anything to me or my son. I hold my son telling him I am so proud of him.

  67. I had a dream that me and my crush shared a dorm in college and were in a relationship. Then out of nowhere the field outside the school (I’m guessing) filled water and a shark bit off my toe. then we had to carry on with class as normal but it was too painful for me, but the teacher wouldnt let me leave. Lol it would be cool if someone told me the meaning of this dream.

  68. hey all,
    I had a really vivid dream about a shark attack.
    I was wading in the sea (only up to about the waist) when a smallish, grey shark but my leg and pulled me under.
    I was able to free myself by punching and clawing at it with my nails, and then was able to limp to shore where friends/family pulled me out.
    From there it got very real, like the bite was just a small part of it, I knew I had to order everyone about in order to stay alive.
    I told someone to tourniquet my thigh, hold the bite to stop the blood, call the ambulance, elevate my legs…even to the point where I told them to raise my torso to keep my blood near my brain otherwise i knew i’d pass out and die.
    I remember my mum next to me crying, and telling my dad that i need to keep my Adrenalin up to save my life so he started yelling at me (out of love- i might add lol).
    i felt myself turn grey, my eyesight narrowing and breath becoming shallow when the paramedics arrived with the blood to pump into my arms.
    After that, I don’t remember much, but it was so vivid it freaked me out, and i’m hoping someone can help me to decipher what it means?
    Thanks all

  69. I dreamt that I went swimming with some friends and somehow there were 2 sharks mating directly above me(its as if I swam under them when I realize what was happening, they pulled apart and swam away, releasing sperm into the ocean where my friend were trying to catch.

  70. My dream was about seeing three sharks that we thought were dead that some fishermen had brought in a had them up on the Jetty two of them seemed to look like tiger sharks & the other was a pretty big white shark.I was walking down the Jetty where I saw a litle boy go & poke the white shark in its eye & it suddenly cam alive & grabbed him by his lower right leg.So while he & the shark were tossing about I grabbed the machete that the nearby fisherman was using to cut up some fish & started chopping away at the sharks head until it eventual let go the litle boys badly broken after that all I can remember was waking up gasping for air as I had fallen asleep with my fist firmly planted under my throat.
    I don’t know what this means but after reading some of the explanations from this website if they are true & not old wives tails It’s given me a general interpretation.

  71. my dream was pretty weird and until now I can’t interoperate
    … the previous day a bunch of my friends and my boyfriend were at the beach taking a swim .. and the very next morning around 5 or so I go to the beach and I’m enjoying the swim and all of a sudden as I’m underwater this shark appears and looks at me……. open its mouth shows me its teeth and then disappears

    I get a fright jump out of the water safely just to watch another huge shark swim under this bridge-like figure.

    somehow .. I manage to distract the shark with something that looks like me and its like I’m watching the shark take me deeper into the sea and then when I look down closely I see blood and the thought through my mind was that could have been me .. but in some sense it was.. the dream was so real but the message behind it os still unclear

  72. So, In my dream I was on a high open standium, that if you look down there is an ocean (pretty weird, right?). There was a lot of people looking on the water, so I did that as well. Much to my surprise, there was this 2 big poles with 2 people on top of it, and guess what, these people were fighting. And I was shocked to know that I was one of these people participating it. So when it was my time to fight, with a shield on my right hand and a long spear on my left, I was ready to attack my opponent, but when I look down there I saw a big black shark with its mouth wide open ready to eat me.I was nervous because I know if the shark would jump I would be a goner. Due to nervousness I dropped my weapon, and when the shark jump, I jump as well, and I hit the shark with my fist, and then proceed to give it an ass beating, I was surrounded by big sharks but I was able to fight them until they run their ass off, then I felt being dragged in an another place, this time I think I am the normal me, when I was walking and gang up with these group of big muscled men, and they were saying that their going to give me a taste of my own medicine, then there I realised these were the shark I beaten and they were able to transform into human then I bested them again, and honestly I really don’t understand my dreams and what it meant

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