Shark Dream Interpretation

Did you dream about Shark? Shark is a powerful and strong predator animal of the water. The shark is an animal that lives inside the water such as sea or the ocean. Seeing a shark within your dream typically relates to your emotional state. Discover different contexts or hidden meanings all common shark related events within your dream here.

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Generic Shark Dream Symbol

To see a shark in your dream indicates feelings of anger, hunger, hostility, fierceness, and ruthlessness. You or someone else is going through emotional period and can be a threat to people’s well beings.

A shark represents a person in your life who is greedy and unscrupulous. If you dream about a shark; it may relate to another person or even yourself with those greedy qualities without being sensitive to others needs.

Seeing or experiencing a shark attack in your swimming pool could foreshadow lurking misfortune such as a disease. You might soon be suffering from an accident, mishap caused by your own bad habits.

What does it mean to dream about being a shark?
By dreaming like you are the shark yourself; means that you are displaying shark-like qualities in everyday life. You may be dealing with work where you have to take advantage of others in order to survive. Perhaps you are working in real estate, stock trading, or poker. You thrive on the weakness and blood of others.

If you successfully prey on others in the dream; expect good fortunes and success with your career and professional endeavors.

Dream About Aggressive Shark Against You

What does it mean to dream about shark attacking you?
The context of a shark attack makes a difference in deciphering your dream. Take note of the context and situation that you were in when the shark attack occurred.

Were you leisurely cruising or bathing near the beach or river? It may mean some unexpected accidents or dangers in your everyday life. Were you fishing (working) out in the ocean while being attacked? The attack may refers to unexpected incidents at your workplace.

Take note about your emotional state and your reactions within the shark dream. Was the attack sudden or expected? Or did you know about potential shark attack before going into the water. Were you able to escape to safety with relative ease? Are you afraid of the shark fin? It could be that the attack or upcoming incident will just be a scare. Or did you actually get bitten and seriously hurt?

What is the dream meaning of shark circling around you?
The dream features a shark passing and circling around you, waiting to launch an attack. It means that you are in some bad situation in either life or work place. You feel cornered and have nowhere to go. Perhaps You feel nervous and hopeless about where you are. The dream may reflect that you are doing badly with school tests, or a hostile workplace with competitive coworkers.

What does it mean to dream about shark ramming into you?
For dreams with sharks swimming towards you at full speed when you are on a boat or diving; it means that you are in great danger and misfortune may happen soon.

Shark Biting

What does dreaming about shark biting you mean?
The location of the shark biting you can give you further insight about dreaming about the shark bites. Depending on the body location and severeness of the bite, you can make more sense out of the interpretation. A shark biting in dreams is very similar to dog biting dreams. However, it can usually have more connections to your actual body since shark is a much stronger symbol.

For example, if you dream about losing your leg inside a shark dream and you are a diabetic, it means that you need to be careful about your life choices and you can actually lose that leg since the risk exists and is very real. The shark biting leg within the dream here refers to the lurking diabetes that can take away your leg if you are not careful.

Dreaming about sharks biting off your hand and arms may mean that some hostile or lurking coworkers are attacking you. The sharks represent their actions to try to get you fired or lose your job, so that you lose your ability to work.

What does dreaming about shark swallowing you mean?
When a huge shark eats you whole inside the dream; it means that you virtually have no way of fighting back against your current situations. You will have to be creative to get out of the unpleasant places that you are in.

Dream About Scary Shark Encounters

What does it mean to dream about fighting off shark attack?
If the shark dream involves you actively fighting for you life in shark infested waters; it indicates that you should fight against your situations. And if you do survive the attacks within your dream, it means that you will succeed and prevail.

What does dreaming about escaping from shark attack mean?
The dream suggests that you have to try harder to escape from imminent danger in the waking life. Remove yourself from hostile environment and keep a safe distance from predatory individuals. You are a little sheep amongst a pack of wolves.

What does dream about riding shark mean?
Riding sharks in the dream foretells that you are able to overcome the difficult situation. You will be able to surf and defeat any issues that you are currently experiencing. By controlling the anger or people who are trying to hurt you, you will come out victorious.

What does it mean to dream about killing shark?
If your dream involves actively killing of a shark with a gun; it indicates that you will have to “kill” bad relationship that in waking life in a divorce. It could be a bad relationship with a selfish spouse, or a hostile working environment.

Dream About Shark Observations

What does dreaming about shark attacking others mean?
The dream suggests that you are undergoing or witnessing aggressive competitions. You may be pushing too hard on your close family and friends with your shark behavior. It may be time to tone down and be more conscious about other people’s needs.

What does it mean to view shark at aquarium in the dream?
To view sharks at aquarium tank in the dream shows that the difficult situations will no longer hurt you.

What is the dream meaning of seeing dead shark?
Seeing a dead or rotten shark corpse means that your guardian angel will help you defeat the evil enemy. The guardian angel may be a close friend, family member, or just some nice stranger. You are able to avoid the lurking danger without actually having to face it yourself. Seeing a dead shark points to profits and good wealth in general.

What does it mean to dream about shark stalking prey?
The dream relates to sexual desire or pursuit of relationship. Either you desire someone or someone else is desiring you.

What does dream about eating shark mean?
The dream suggests that you are overcoming your own negative aggressive emotions and accepting them.

Dream About Parts of Shark

What is the dream meaning of shark fin?
Shark fins suggests that you know what is coming and you still have time to react to your life encounters.

What is the dream meaning of shark teeth?
Holding onto shark tooth inside your dream means that you need to be more aggressive with your goals and endeavors.

Dream About Different Types of Sharks

Below is some common shark types that you may seen inside your dream.

Shark TypeDream Symbol
Big Black SharkSymbol of sickness and death.
Great White SharkTreacherous friends and people who are close to you.
Baby Pet SharkYour own inner aggression, usually on the masculine side.

Dream About Sharks Meanings

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