Sheep Dream Interpretation

Seeing Sheep in the dream indicates docility and conformity. The dream suggests that you lack the initiative to venture out on your own and you tend to go with the group.

Dream About Sheep Giving Birth
To see a sheep giving birth to a baby sheep in the dream, suggests that you will be discouraged from taking risk in the near future. Someone is going to try to pass their sheepish ideas to you and make you conform to their ideas. Or you might discourage someone else in your family from taking risks.

Dream About Angry Sheep Biting
Dreaming about an angry sheep that bites, suggests that your employees or someone under your team is going to rebel against you. Perhaps you have been too hard on them and they are now fighting back. Try to relax a bit and be more supportive of your subordinates to avoid potential conflicts. If you are bitten by sheep in the dream, suggests that your subordinates are intentionally hurting the business due to your poor treatment of them.

Dream About Sheep Swimming
Seeing sheep swimming in the dream signifies your compassion. The dream signifies compassion during a time of need. You will work with others to march for justice such as a protest.

Dream About Sheep Sleeping or Laying Down
To dream of a sheep sleeping or resting, is an indication that you are a follower and not a leader. You have trouble to live up to other people’s expectations and you choose the easy route most of the time.

Dream About Sheep Talking
If you see or hear sheep talking in the dream, it foretells that a quarrel is coming. You will obtain some conflicting information or gossip, which results in you having arguments with other people in your social circle.

Dream About Sheep Being Injured or Hunted by Predators
Dreaming about sheep being injured or hunted, suggests that you will be faced with some type of vulnerability and disloyalty be a female friend.

Dream About Sheep Baby or Lamb
To dream of baby sheep or lamb, suggests that you are who you are and you are not impacted by worldly problems. Because of your focus and innocence, you will receive help from others and encounter victory of your own in the future.

Dream About Dead Sheep
Dead sheep in the dream portends that you will feel vulnerable and be scared of revealing your thoughts. You worry constantly about what other things, and you will end up take the safe route and actions. Because of such, the dream foretells that you will not make positive changes and miss out on the more important things.

Dream About Lost Sheep
A dream of a lost lone sheep points to a difficult trip. Seek out mentors who are in positions of power to guide you through the way.

Dream About Bighorn Sheep
To dream of a bighorn sheep, foretells that old adversaries will gloat about their new found success. Do not let your relative failure get you down.

Dream About White Sheep
White sheep in the dream refers to new jobs, new profits, or new people.

Dream About Pink Sheep
Pink sheep in dreams reflects that you have a tendency to constantly care for those that fall astray.

Dream About Brown Sheep
Brown sheep in dreams typically suggests that you have a supportive relationship. You have an intimate connection with a loved one and it is important to follow through.

Dream About Black Sheep
Black sheep in dreams represent noncomformity. You or someone does not belong in your group, and you have the desire to break from the herd and choose your own path in path.

Dream About Evil Sheep
To dream of an evil sheep, indicates trouble may be heading your way. Someone in your life may not have good intentions and is looking to take advantage of you.

Dream About Flying Sheep
Dreaming about flying sheep signifies heightened expectations. Perhaps you have encountered a boss who expects unrealistic performance or you might be asking too much of your employees.

Dream About Bitten by Sheep
To dream of getting bitten by sheep, suggests that the herd is getting aggressive to get you to conform and follow orders. Perhaps someone in your family or organization is forcing you to abide by certain rules or rituals that do not make sense. You are subconsciously resisting the request.

Dream About Herd or Flock of Sheep
Encountering a herd and flock of sheep, signifies your desire to conform to society and bow to the pressure around you. You will follow the will of the crowd rather than having your own opinions. Be aware that this makes your thoughts and believes easily swayed.

Dream About Watching Over Sheep as a Shepherd
Watching over sheep in the dream, indicates that you have a desire to look after those who are weaker than you. The dream suggests that you have a caring personality and always look to protect others.

Dream About Riding a Sheep
To dream about riding a sheep suggests that you will soon take a new job, because of help from your friends. Your existing connections will be your lead to the new company.

Dream About Chasing Sheep
Chasing sheep in the dream foretells that you will be at odds with your friends. You might be trying to convince them of your ideas, but their sheepish stance will agree with your proposals. In fact, they might avoid you after your request.

Dream About Feeding Sheep
To feed sheep in the dream, suggests that you should offer conciliation with old friends at this time. Perhaps there were some misunderstanding that caused conflicts before, and it might be good to forgive and move forward with the friendship.

Dream About Killing Sheep
If you dream about killing sheep, it suggests that you might be trying too hard to achieve your happiness and harmony. You are sacrificing important areas of your life without realizing it. Focus on the big picture and you might be able to make better decisions that lead to long term future.

Dream About Milking Sheep
To dream about milking sheep, symbolizes that your financial condition will have positive changes. The dream suggests that you will do certain safe jobs or pick a safe career path for your income. Your income will be stable and increase over time, but you will have to work daily for money.

Dream About Losing or Missing Sheep
Dream about losing sheep or missing sheep, is a bad omen that someone is going to mess up and screw up your plans. That person is usually someone whom you could trust yet they will drop the ball. You will have to spend double the effort to guide everything into proper path.

Dream About Shearing Sheep
Dreaming about shearing sheep, suggests that you have faced difficult situations and you have made the right calls. It is now time to enjoy life and profit from your business endeavors.

Dream About Petting a Sheep
Petting a sheep in the dream signifies that good days for your family are progressing, continue doing what you are doing and your days will be smooth and harmonic.

Dream About Sheepskin
To see sheep skin in your dream shows lack of presence and sometimes intelligence. You do not have a mind of your own and you do things for others without thinking.

Dream About Sheep Wool
To see sheep wool in the dream indicates that you will get a promotion and gain authority. You will be admired and respected, while holding on to your position of power.

Dream About Sheep Dung or Sheep Poop
To see sheep poop or dung, suggests that you will pay your debts shortly. However, you will soon incur another major debt shortly.

Dream About Sheep Head
Dreaming about sheep head suggests that there will be people trying to make you go in a certain direction. He or she will make sure that you follow him or her.

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