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  1. I had adream adog biting my left thigh leg and suddenly I jumped. While iwas checking the bite. Its came back then I ran off

      • I dreamt a dog turn into a puppy very calm followed me to the door i wanted to carry him before i opened the door he was on top if my foot n pinched it it hurt I hit him on the head a few times with a hammer n I woke

    • Omg just had the same left thigh. No blood just the bite.
      My two kids and I were trying to get into two different cars to leave from the dog.
      Really weird

    • I also had that similar dream where I was bit by a dog in my left tigh until I used excessive force in order for that dog to refrain from me

  2. Crazy, the dog was a pit bull and he bit my right hand; but only my fingers. I was trying to swing him off me and I could feel he had no teeth. Also, it all started with me petting the dog. He started growling and attempted to bite my left side of my face and right side of my neck. He would only growl at my feet. I finally was able to shoot him; it was crazy.

    • I dreamt I was laying down on the floor of a jail. 2 dogs came sniffing me and one was going to bite my face. I started crying for my sister to help me.

  3. hi last night i was dreaming the dog biting my right hand… and there was a small wound of 1 teeth but I could feel pain… please help to interpret my dream I’m worried…

    Thank you

    • I had the same dream, only in the desert with my ex-husband coming from the outback the dog ran first and attacked me biting my right hand
      he did not help me only distracted the dog
      I had similar dreams when going through a difficult time, a loss
      black cat biting my right hand, having to fling it off nightly
      I saw it is a sign of disrespect from a loved one…that was correct

  4. Hi i dreamed that i was scared by a dog and my mother is with me and dog ran after me and when he tried to bite me my mother save me and dog bite on her leg..what this symbolize??

  5. I dreamed that my brother and I were driving around visiting family, his dog would take off running whenever we got out bc he knew he should be on a leash. One time before we got out he bit me, but it was more like a warning bc my my arm about halfway of my forearm was in his mouth but other didn’t hurt and my brother was able to pull my arm out. We make it home and he ran off again towards the end of our driveway, my brother catches him (a truck is coming) and just stands at the end of the driveway until the truck passes. The dog runs, notices the truck and end up getting hit by a man that I’ve seen several times at my old job, he kept driving but I got the license plate #(sorry so long!)

  6. I had a dream that I was in a hospital on a bed and suddenly it was windy and raining inside the room along with an earthquake a very violent one and there were two dogs biting me on each hand and it was very painful. I woe up from the pain and my ears still sounded like they were hearing loud wind.

  7. My dream i had got off the grayhound bus cause it had stop so i went into this gas station orstore too get me some ice i over filled my cup so the cup was breaking i switch cups too a plastic cup walked up too the casheir she started too ring me up i told her too hold up i wanted too grab a heath bar turned around she rung me up getting ready too pay for the pop and candy bar my purse was gone the bus driver was inside grab something and i heard her say pulling out as she was exiting the store i kept telling the cashier i had my purse when i came in here nown its gone i looked in the back where the office was and seen a brown purse that looked just like mine but it wasn’t cause hers had strips on the flap part mines didn’t so i told her too hold on gonna catch the bus make sure she dont pull off without me and too check too see if i had left my purse on the bus .as i was heading toward the bus a dog clamp on too the back of my leg and wouldn’t let go i was screaming man that hurted very bad i felt it in my sleep woke up screaming my boyfriend was saying whats wrong,whats wrong,and i told him why i was screaming in my sleep can any one tell me what that dream meant

  8. Walking down street holding a rolled up poster
    I SEE my mother of the sidewalk. She is in trouncing herself to a neighbor whose son is going to be MARRYING my sister, this neighbor lady is not familiar to me and she acts indifferent in the dream. I think she was shoveling snow

    Then 3 dog appear out of nowhere and the 1 big dog leader who looked like a wolf was talking to me saying to back up dude, 8 back up but this dark wolf like dog bites me slowly pressing down on my arm until I woke up stunned

    It was a relief lucid dream….so vivid

    Earlier in the dream is remember my boss attacking me in a kind of playful way up but he was going after my eyes I think

    Later 8n this dream I am running late for the subway but the ticket machine is broken and it gives me like 500 dollars by mistake plus the ticket

    I still miss the train and I walk through a run down city until I hear like bluegrass playing by a street band. Man I wish we had the technology to record our dress because I know the music and harmonies were awesome but I never remember melodies in dreams

    But the last thing that happened is the dog bites

    Does this dream mean that my boss is a werewolf dog trying to scare me into submission and you only hope is to become a gypsy nomad in a blue grass band?

  9. I had a dream I was walking in the park and a I saw a black vicious do waking infront of me I then tried walking back from it before it saw me but was late and he came after me and bite my right hand I didn’t feel pain but then it tried to run after my 4 year old daughter but then I ended up making it bite my hand again instead of her

  10. So, the dream that I had took place in my childhood neiborhood. As I walked up the street my neiborhood my neiborbors dog, that I didn’t know, walked up to me as I walked up the street. It was like a mixed breed. Black on both sides of his face and fluffy white all over. Behind the dog followed another with a nice butt orange coat. I try to stay confident and stick my hand out and the god immediately bites my left arm right on my wrist. I yell and my friends don’t hear me. After a while a neiborbor shoots the dog from across the street. It’s so crazy because I had a dream like this last month but I didn’t see the white and black dog. It was the orangey one. The last dream I kept jumping a neiborbor gate to get away from this dog. It’s so crazy.

  11. I went out to feed my dog and she looked crazed and though it didn’t hurt she put my right arm in her mouth and wouldn’t let go….two men I didn’t know came out to help me but I was yelling and wanting my husband and he didn’t come…then I woke up.

  12. I had a dream that I was with my dad and one of his old buddies showed up with a pit bull and it was trying to bite me but I ran to a car, got inside and was safe. But then I got out and he got me it was my right hand I could feel all the teeth digging into my skin but it wasn’t hurting as bad as I expected. And when they finally took him away the only wound I had looked like a bullet shot wound. A circle in the middle of my palm. No blood nothing just an open wound.

  13. I dreamt i was walking in the neighborhood. Some dogs attacked me and a brown dog bit me on my finger of my left hand. It was my neighbor dog. I was crying for my neighbor to come n get the dog off me. Please what is the meaning of this dream.

  14. Mybe the your dad was going to have a really bad day and Mybe the was? One of dose day s he gas a argument.with Another person right

  15. one day I see one dream in that one dog bite the my left hand that time I my Brocken the dog face & kill the dog plz tell me what is meaning

  16. hi last night i dreamt i was in a scrap yard by accident snd the dog bit my backside and cldnt get him off, thn bit back of bone by heel and was trying to break the skin.
    then my dream jumped to, why i dnt know had my back waxed then loads of blackheads with puss inside came up and wen popped just kept coming

  17. I dreamt I had a fight with my neighbour.(We had an argument a while ago, and are not on speaking terms) after ther fight a dog came for me to bite me but missed my private parts. Then a second dog also came for me and missed me at the same spot. What does that mean…

  18. I have dreamed that Im on a picnic with my mom and boyfriend then im laying on the floor then here comes a dog i covered my face with my pillow then he bites my right hand then my boyfriend stand up trying to remove the dog then the dog bite me again. What does that mean?

  19. Please help me,
    My dream was like this.. I was on a motorvehicle make my turn on an alley..stepped on my break pedal because of an upcoming hump.
    There was 3 dogs ahead of me, they are trying to bite my leg, but they have never succeed..
    I have decided to just bring it to them and so I grabbed they jaw and dislocated them one by one..resulting with my hand getting blood soaked and off devastating bite marks covering all my fingers both left and right hand…at least they cant bite me anymore right?

    If you could help me..please mail me
    Im really bothered by this
    @[email protected]

  20. I had a dream where a dog that sits outside my home (friendly with me in real life) bit my right hand and in reaction I bit his neck… But while sleeping I actually bit my pillow and got my lower lip bleeding . what was that about… @[email protected]

  21. I had a dresm this morning about a black big dog trying to chase my dad especially him . He tried biting his head . But people were hold the dog not to . Then suddenly i was the dog ! I cut my own feet ( my dog feet) so I wouldn’t run to attack . Then suddenly i became human again I wasn’t the dog anymore. It was so weird & scary! Someone help what does all this mean ? ):

  22. Last night I had a dream that a dog trying to bite me in the face he did it about 4 or5 times what does that mean

  23. Hi , I dreamed that one of my friend lost her mother and when i reached there , i got a call that one more friend of mine has lost her mother and when i reach at second friends place . Outside the place . My eyes are closed with something and a dog comes to me n i cuddle with him but instead he tried to bite , i try and stop me but he bite me on my ear but it din’t pain much. Afterthat somehow i reach inside her place and there i see my mom and my some more relatives and get to know that it was not her mother but her grandmother! And i decide to go back to my other friend. When i leave her place . I was still scared of that dog , tried to open my car in rush and i sat in the car but the dog jumps in attacking me but fight back and throw him back out of the car..

    I know its too long but it’s disturbing me
    Can somebody explain me what exactly this dream indicates

  24. I dreamed a put bull bit me on my left hand, but as soon as I shook him off of me, the wound was completely healed.

  25. I dreamt of a dog chasing after me on a road and it bit my left hand. I lifted and hit it very hard on hard objects but it didn’t let go!

  26. my dream was a guy handling a dog a ordering him to attack me and my friends” i breed dogs, i was not afraid”
    i started walking away, and once i saw the dog running at me and jumped on my left leg while i was still standing and it looked like it was biting me but he did not show his teeth. i tried to get rid of him but he did not leave he tried to do the same to my left hand. i pushed him away the i fall down on the ground and he tries to bite my left side face but he did not show his teeth, i only felt his wet nose on my left cheek. i could grab his mouth and his hands and pushed him away. the dream ends here but am not awake yet.
    i dream for the 3rd time with a red bmw getting modified and did not finish yet never been into the car in three times, and i really like that car.

  27. Was riding my bike and all of a sudden a dog jumped up and bit my hand… The interpretation was correct. Someone did hurt me with their words and I thought he was my friend. I don’t know what to do, I kept my distance and I didn’t talk to him. I thought about confronting him, but that means he’s back in my circle and I’m not sure if I want to do that.

  28. My dream is quite differente,i was running and a dog was beside me.i closed the door but the dog rushed into the room and caught me slowly in its teeth for long time but didn’t bite,in the otherhand i was also bite him tightly by my teeth, but when i saw that the dog didn’t biting me…..then i slowly relaxed my teeth from it’s tail.still the dog didn’t bite me,it’s just caught me by its teeth slowly.,smoothly. At that time one of my frnd came there and made me free from the dog……

  29. I had a dream I was protecting a mad dog from me and my sister while we were searching for our mom. It tried biting me but it got my sleeve of my cardigan instead and so I slipped it off myself and climbed on something with my sister. I was worried for our mom and how she was doing and if she was doing ok. It kept circling us trying to bite us and sometimes was able to climb on to where we were to attack us but I always dropped it down quickly.
    I read that if a dog misses and continues to bite me, it mean I have a inner conflict with someone. Probably someone from home or close to it. And it’s true. I do had a inner conflict with my other sister. It’s affecting how much time I’m spending with my whole family and my life. This conflict fresh from yesterday and then I had this dream.

  30. I had a dream that a dog was running and at the process I tried chasing the dog, but the dog bites my left hand and ran off. Still on the process, the dog turn to a woman with a girl. As I tried to walk close, I heard the dog still barking.

  31. I had a dream I was exiting a building my aunt lives in and I was roller blading. I had to cach a train so I sped up a little. Suddenly a dog started barking and chasing me. It jumped and bit my elbow. I fell down and it just kept pulling my hair and it tried to bite me but couldn’t. Finally the guy came and helped me up. There was a lot of blood and he wanted to take me to the hospital but I said that I’ll never catch that train. He looked at me confused and then I woke up.

  32. Hi,I dreamt I was going for a quiz competition with friends and I was attacked by a dog and it bite my hand.so when we got to the competition grounds,I was given a pill to ease the pains.we were two in my group including me and other three groups but my group won the competition.After we heard there was war and military men are around shooting people so we tried running and finally we were able to get to my house with my friend.please what’s the meaning

  33. keep dreaming that a dog , the size of an Alsatian or German Shepherd runs full steam at either my right or left shoulder. When this occurs, I’m just walking along a road that is a combination of all the roads I’ve ever lived near or on. Once I was with both my sisters. Mainly I’m on my own. Sometimes their are other people featured in the dream. The dog attacking me, always occurs out of nowhere.

  34. In the dream I was walking down the street with my daughter and her son, along came this small dog accompanied by a medium size dog running beside him, he the small dog started biting at my feet, ankles and my shoes, he did grab a whole of my flesh on the top of my feet right where the ankle connects, I got mad picked the dog up and threw it to the ground and I saw that it appeared to be hurt so I picked him up, and put him out of the street to safety and called the 911 to make sure that they send someone to attend to the dog I told them where I Put the dog. So while walking up to a relatives house there was a paramedic truck in front of their house I stopped at the truck to make sure they took care of the dog. There was a man outside the house yelling to the owner of the dog about me saying that I slammed the dog to the ground in anger I injured him, also my ex sister in law was in the dream saying stuff about me and the dog also she was agreeing with the man trying to convince the owner of the dog that I hurt the dog, and when she saw me she changed her words, but the owner replied to them both with her hands up like talk to the hand type of thing saying we got this we can take care of this ourselves I’m already talking to her and everything is fine with us I don’t need you two negative opinion about this matter!!
    Iwhen I went in the house along came the small dog doing well and never leaving my side licking my leg and rubbing his face up against my leg being very attentive to me, and the medium size dog was there standing afar off looking at me and the small dog but the owner was pleased, then the dream ended!

  35. I had a dream that a alaskan husky bite me across my 4 fingers on my right hand. I opened his jaw got free then punched him and I woke up. But I felt pain in my fingers where I was bitten and it felt a little numb for about 1hr.

  36. I had dream last night dog bite my butt, and hit it with a wooden stick ,scolded the dog trying to funny bite my big butt. You going get it from me finally get rid of the dog by hitting it. What is the meaning in my dream i dream at 0240hrs .

    • Hi. I’ve been dreaming of dogs attacking me since my early 20s, I’m 31 now and the dog has only beaten me twice. On google it talks about the wholebody when it gets bitten by a dog, just not the butt, and out of the two times the dog bit me it bit me on the butt. Give me few months and I will tell you you dream. But so far, my answer to it, becareful, because that’s a demon, the weapon that you’ve hit the dog with, it could be you believing in God. Keep reading your Bible

  37. I had a dream that the dog bited me an my leg near my ankle. and I stated bleeding. what could this possibly mean?

  38. I dreamnt that a big white dog bit me on le left side of my neck. I had one of my hands there so it bit it as well. I walked backwards into my childhood house and ask my mom and two other people for help. When they wouldn’t move I put my other had in the dogs mouth and opened it with no problem. As I was opening the dogs mouth I said to the dog you are not real and laid it on the floor and it didn’t move or even breath anymore.

  39. Hi
    I had a weird dream this tiny little dog kept on barking and attacking me though it failed to bite me,i kept on chasing it away.please help me.

  40. had a dream tht a black Labrador type doggie, bit my upper lip. it seemed more like a cautionary or playabout bite cos it barely hurt. the dog belonged to a middle class/professional looking Asian man(like a doctor, pharmacist or dentist) an his Caucasian wife. the man couldn’t care less tht th dog bit me.

  41. I dreamt were dog bite my left hand and my laps,but I attacked d dog too by tearing d dogs mouth to useless. Pls any interpretation

    • i have also the same dream with you, the dog bite my left hand but i tear the dogs mouth & kill it. i was thinking that its only a scratch but when i saw my left hand the bites leave a hole in my left hand but it is not painful.then my father & sister arrive.

  42. In a dream.. I put small piece of chappathi.. First it bite my right side fingers.. I show in action am not have food and walk away.. Then it will bite in my back side above bust area.. Tightly bite is skin .. I try to open mouth by my hand and boy friend running near to me… Please tell me meaning..

  43. Last night i had a dream where i was running from a middle aged man, then suddenly i was hiding in a small house in a room where somewhat old lady was sitting and i saw her clearly and she was watching. I was hiding in crawling position and was making the lady keep quite type of request. As I saw that man was moving away from wall i starting running the opposite way but in the mean time i saw a small dog or puppy trying to bite me but i resisted. Whenever dog tried to bite my hand i was trying to resist it by splitting the mouth. That dog was making effort but i was resisting by grabbing its mouth and trying to split so that i could be safe. Please tell me what does it mean to me?

    Thank you!!!

  44. Can someone please tell me if they’ve ever heard of this… It’s been bugging me all day. I had a dream about a small dog, barking loudly, very very loudly and trying to bite me… I remember it was attempting to bite my right hand, and was unable to as I was holding his mouth open with my left hand. As in, his mouth was over my right hand, but unable to close it because I was holding the top half of his mouth with my left… Anyway, as quick as the dream started, it ended with me literally breaking the dogs mouth open, as it loudly started yelping, much louder than it was barking with it’s jaw dangling off it’s face, it was very loud, very graphic, and absolutely terrifying. I cant get the visual out of my mind. As it was yelping “VERY LOUDLY” it was like, swaying close to me, they it would sway back, close back close back, getting at times right in my face with this horrific jaw that would swing around? Very confused.

  45. I had a dream about a pitbull or a boxer not sure exactly witch but it but my fingers I couldn’t tell what hand I used though. The thing that got me was as soon as he bit me I jumped awake, normally when I have a jumping dream it’s me on a cliff or falling off a chair.

  46. Can anyone interpret this dream i was walking in a hall way against the rail on the wall looks as tho it was a hospital when suddenly the elevator door opens and out runs this german shepard at full speed he ran between my legs knocked me down and i ended up falling on him under my back his teeth were in the center of my back and he proceeded to bite me but it was in slow motion he was growling i was to afraid to move all i kept saying to myself please dont bite me please dont bite me and then i woke up panicky heart pounding very hard but he never bit me

  47. my daughter dreamt that i was beaten by a black dog at my leg – from my readings, being beaten by a dog at the leg maybe an indication that i fell off balance in y life that could have been caused by someone i trust – but what if another, like my daughter, dreamt about me being beaten by a black dog at the leg?

  48. I dreamt I was in a church and people started dying and five black mean pit bulls came and one bit my right buttock and then bit no right hand.

  49. In my case of a dog bitten with blood gushing out,what must be done to stop any negative effect that might result from the bite.biblical references,pls.

  50. hi I was dreaming that I was looking for my in this neighbourhood where lotsa dogs were. they were barking and I could hear the bark of my dog when I eventually found him I picked him up and saw bite marks on him from other dogs only 3 holes and it was bleeding. so while I was walking to yhe car this playfull pup came n bite me on my left hand but trying to bite my fingers. my dog likes to plaay with my fingers. what does that mean. I was so sad n worried about my dog the entire dream

  51. I also had a dream just last night, I think of it that was link to my work. Their was two Big dog with a plain black color other one is also black color and gray round. They are fighting but i came and letting them to stop but the plain black dog biting my left hand so I cut his neck immediately while the black gray round color dog is very weak. What does it mean. Please any interpretation?

  52. Hi you will have to help me because my dream is little different from all..i dreamed that a dog was trying to bite me so to stop him i gave my right hand in his mouth and he was continuously biting me and then a cat comes and she does the same..along with the dog,cat bites me too..and both of them were quite friendly with each other…

    I’m quite worried…HELP ME!

  53. II had a dream that I was over a famous celebrities house with my family and I was playing with their big dog. While playing with their dog, the playing got a litte out of hand, and I accidentally ended up flinging the dog. The dog ended up coming back and attack me and latched it’s paw and mouth to the back of my head where it’s mouth and claw prints stayed and some of my hair was removed from it. Everybody around acted like it was normal and kept doing what they were doing. The dog soon came back showing remorse of what it had just done and wanted to continue playing. I stopped playing and got a family member to come to the bathroom with me to see the damage that was done. Surprisingly I was not bleeding but the marks that were left from the dogs bite and paw were left and it looked pretty bad. My family member began taking pictures of it then my mom soon came in to take over at taking the pictures and wanted me to report it. And although had done this to me, I ddnt want to report the dog because I felt that i ddnt want the dog to die because we were playing….then I woke up. I was worried abt the dogs life than my own. What does this dream mean? I see the meaning for ever other part being bit but the head

  54. I had a dream of me about to cross the road and two dogs were on both sides walking towards me. I crossed to the other side and felt a small pain on my bottom; turned back to realise that one of them bit me but no blood was shed.

  55. Pls my own case of dog biting is quite different, the dig tried to bite me on my private part and I’m a man, had this same dream almost twice now. God barking and trying to bite me, but on my private part, pls what’s the meaning pls

  56. I dream that me and a dog a fight and him bite me and my two hand and me lock him out and when the dog com back to him turn on my grandmother and she give five thousands dallors

  57. I dreamed a man bought me a dog when I reached in the bag it locked down on my right hand got it loose but I pulled out it’s back teeth

  58. I dream where 2dogs was just bite my right hand and people around tell me to ly down and bring sand and I do it the 2dogs ran away.can someone explain this to me.

  59. I dreamt I went down from a bus holding my stuff. Its like I was robbed. It was dark and before going down I saw a stiff cliff. As I walking the road, I felt lost and dizzy. I knew there was a big black dog and I even lean back at it. As I walk away, I felt a bite on my right butt check and I tried to push it away. When he did, he bit my Right arm and I was holding his head. Until I prayed “Our Father’ and woke up. I felt the pain during the dream. Hope you can enlighten me.

  60. I keep having a dream of being in a public place trying to get away from something. (I don’t know what ) As im trying to get away I have to go over some rocks and a little boy gets in the way and a small dog is bitting my right ankle and I can’t get him off. Finally I get across and the dog lets go and I try to stomp it and just walk away.

  61. Wrong. Actually dog bitting your left arm indicates that you need to get out there and get human contact, stay more active or be surrounded by other humans. and also shows that other people are not as intimidating which is mnade up to be. Can also turn out you need to change your habit from lonly and same routine everyday too exciting and adventfull.

  62. Had this last night. Dog bit right hand, the bottom of my right pinky area. There were 3 dogs all coming up to me one at a time. I broke the 2nd dogs’ jaw, and the 3rd dog tried to get to me but ended up just sniffing me, but I was still scared.

  63. Hey i had a dream last night, a dog was trying to bite me but i was kinda of on a higher ground but eventually afert several trials it reached my left hand fingers not all of them but the last three.

    Can you please interprete this.

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