Dog Bite Dream Meaning – Top 11 Dreams About Dog Biting

Did you dream about dog bites? Being bitten by dogs in dreams can be quite emotional and powerful. The dream meaning and symbols are different depending on where you got bit by the dog, how, and where. However, we will mainly focus on where on the body that you got bit. Learn about the most common dog bite dream interpretation and explanations here now.

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Dream About Dog Biting You

Dog Biting Hands and Fingers

The right hand represents strength and activity; it shows the human masculine side.
The left hand represents the gentle side with generosity and femininity.

A dream about a dog biting your hand means that someone has taken control of you and used words that hurt you. Dog biting right-hand means that someone is hurting your masculine side. Dog biting left-hand means that someone is hurting your generosity and feminine side.

If the dog bites your fingers, fingers symbolize the particular skills that involve the masculine (right hand) or feminine (left hand). Then it may mean that you are losing those skills.

Dog Biting Arm

The arms represent hard work or effort which is usually related to your working environment.

Dog biting your arms in dreams means what someone may be aggressive or betray you at your work.

Dog Biting Legs, Ankle, Foot, and Toes

The leg symbolizes balance in life.

If you dream that a dog bites your leg or ankle, this may suggest that you have fallen off the balance in your life in some way. And the cause is usually by someone else that you care about.

The feet symbolize the foundation that you have in life.

Dreams about feet being bitten by dogs may mean that your foundation is being shaken by someone that you trust.

Toes are a part of your leg structure and also contribute to the balance of your life. However, biting on your toes may signify less on the overall balance, but rather your hesitation in trying a new situation or having no desire to move on.

Dog Biting Shoulder

Shoulders represent strength, responsibility, and support.

Dreaming of a dog biting your shoulders can be a sign that you are overwhelmed with responsibility or that someone close to you is hurting you with responsibility.

Dog Biting Neck

Neck in dreams may signify the relationship between the mind/mental and the body/physical.

To dream that a dog bites your neck indicates a separation between your heart and mind by someone close to you. You may have an inner conflict with you torn between your feelings and what you think is right.

Dog Biting Eyes or Ears

Eyes and ears represent your ability to see, hear, and experience the world.

In a dog biting eyes or ears dream, it represents that someone you rely on emotionally stops you from how you want to experience or observe the world.

Dog Biting Nose and Face

The face represents how other people see you because it is the reflection and character of you.

When a dog bites off your face or other facial features in your dream, it means that an issue has arisen from someone close to you. Other people can see coming off of you.

Dream About Dog Trying To Bite

Dog Trying or Want to Bite
Suppose you are dreaming about a dog trying to bite you but have actually not succeeded yet. It means that you are going to have some inner conflicts with someone close to you. But the conflict is not imminent or apparent yet. However, your mind is subconsciously taking notes of these unseen conflicts. You may experience conflicts close to home.

Dream About Bleeding from Dog Bites

It suggests confrontation with someone close to you to dream of blood or bleeding from a dog bite attack. It can also suggest a sense of guilt after the fight, resulting in physical and emotional pain.

Dream About Dog Biting Other Objects

Dog Biting Furniture
Dreams with your dog biting or chewing up your furniture suggest that someone you count on is hurting your family and home life. Perhaps your close friend is influencing you in ways that destroy your marriage. Or maybe your best friend is starting to get too personally close to your boyfriend/girlfriend.

Dog Biting a Bone
If you see a dog biting a bone and holding it in its mouth, this shows understanding in the future. You might know exactly what you want and your desires.

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