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  1. I have had the same dream now well similar, I am in a hotel room and it is jammed packed with my personal belongings and I have to check out and catch a plane and I cannot take all this stuff with me, it is a huge mess in every closet, I am worried they will charge me for another day, I ask for help no one knows what to do, my mother and brother were there in one dream they left me with everything to handle, my husband was in another I couldn’t reach him on the phone, in another I couldn’t get to work, coworkers came to help me get my stuff packed and out of the room, the phone wasn’t working I couldn’t make a call

  2. For at least six months I have been dreaming of being in a hotel, most of the time it’s a luxury hotel. I have seen friends that are far away and are gone, while visiting the hotel. Sometimes I am vacationing with friends, or they have come to see me, at the hotel. I often get lost when I leave and come back to the hotel. I sometimes get lost in the hotel, going down hall after hall trying to find my room. But not really in a panic, I know it’s somewhere, but I have forgotten my room number. Sometimes I get the notion I own or work at the hotel. I get the sense that I am living at the hotel and that it is not temporary. The hotel is always humongous.

  3. I have been having a dream that we (my family of two boys, husband and myself) are on our last day of the holiday and we have to check out. I look around and nothing is packed, stuff everywhere and there is no way that we can check out by the time we are meant to. I fly around trying to get everything out and start to see that the next people for the room are waiting.

  4. Keep having 2 dreams repeatedly. One involves becoming lost in a large, old urban hotel with multiple stairways and elevators. I get fearful because I don’t know what I’m doing there and feel trapped in yet another “hotel dream” again!

  5. Had a dream where I entered this slightly unpopular hotel with my family. I went to go explore around the area and I found this room which was near the entrance..It also felt slightly haunted. The room’s number was ‘203 and I went in to take a look and no one really payed any attention to me once i entered. Once I entered it was like a very, old place..it didn’t even looked like a hotel room. There was a huge, vintage looking bookshelf with lot’s of books..some books were stacked and there were papers everywhere around the room. Then there was a small picture frame in the corner of my eye but it was a bit too blurry to see. There was a bed which was slightly messy..then there was this huge, fancy exterior door behind it. It was actually very interesting, when I was in that room I felt scared but peaceful at the same time..?

  6. What does it mean if I dream of staying at a hotel after marrying my husband and then we stay at a hotel. We wait around whilst other couples are housed, feelings little left out. Then we are “upgraded” to a much biggger room with more amenities?

  7. I am always dreaming that I am in my hotel on a Friday morning and my stuff is all over the room and I need to get packed and catch a plane or drop off my rental car-and I am running late wondering if I am going to be on time.

    My personal guess is that I am not prepared for what is coming in my life or where I need to be.

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