Dungeon Dream Interpretation

A castle dungeon in dreams represents feeling of being in a frustrating situation and struggle. You feel both stuck at the same time keeping certain dark thoughts deep inside. Depending on what you are doing and feeling inside a dungeon, you could get some contexts on what the dungeon dream might mean.

Dream About Building Your Own Dungeon
Building your own dungeon in the dream is similar to both having a prison and basement for your mind. Underneath the success and honor, you have kept away some dark secrets and thoughts hidden from others.

Dream About Being Trapped in a Dungeon
To dream that you are being locked and trapped inside a dungeon, indicates that a problem or difficult person is bothering and tormenting you to no end. Particularly you are stuck in an organization and being trapped under the circumstances, you are forced to do something against your will, and feeling being tortured and lost at the same time.

Dream About Exploring a Dungeon
To explore a dungeon or maze in the dream, means that you have to fight various battles for the important things in your life. You will have to be thorough and deliberate in your plans of executions. However, the dream also foretells that you may be faced with many obstacles. However, the ending reward will be worth the effort.

Dream About Entering a Dungeon
To enter a dungeon in the dream, foretells that you will be faced with complications and trials of your endeavors. You will be faced with important decisions and actions that may make or break your life. You will have to dig deeper into your deepest desires and the core of your believes. Soon you will find the key that unlock your inner desires.

Dream About Dark Dungeon
Dark dungeons in the dream, represents certain unknowns and struggles that you will soon face. You will be threatened and be entangled with situations that require your best judgment. You will likely not to have all the information required to make a decisions, and you simply have to fight through your urges to hide the negatives.

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