Uniform Dream Meaning – Top 18 Dreams About Uniform

Did you dream about uniforms? Dreaming about uniforms signifies your need to belong or be part of a group. You do not want to stand out from the crowd nor express your individual ideas or opinions. Pay attention to the type of uniforms and the organization or department that these uniforms are a part of. Your dream may relate closely to the jobs that these uniforms stand for. Below we will go through more uniform dream interpretations.

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Dream About Actions Towards Uniform

Washing Uniform
The dream that you are washing uniform as laundry; indicates that you will try to make a good impression, but you are likely not to succeed further.

Not Finding a Uniform
Not being able to find your uniform in the dream; is a reminder of your fear of being set free or let go of your job or schoolwork. Perhaps you associate your identity with the uniform that you wear. By being at the job and doing what the uniform allows you to, it gives you self confidence.

Dream About Wearing Uniforms

Wearing Proper Uniform
Wearing a proper uniform in the dream, indicates that you have earned the right or privilege to wear it. You have obtained the right recognition to conduct the work that you are doing. The dream indicates that you will soon apply to some type of job or interview. You are subconsciously evaluating if you are right for the role.

Not Wearing Uniform
To see yourself not wearing a uniform when you should in the dream; suggests that you no longer wish to conform too much to the beliefs of others. You are beginning to think for yourself and be your own person without the shackles of your organization.

Uniform Doesn’t Fit
To dream that a uniform is either too small or big for you; indicates that you do not fit in the vanity and validity of your current situation. Perhaps you are taking up jobs and responsibilities that are too much for you to handle. You are not living up to your promises.

Dream About Uniforms for Different Organizations

Government Services

Military Uniform
Military soldier uniforms such as army uniform or navy uniform is a symbol of status and overt power. Consider if you have any personal association with such military branches in waking life. Your dream foretells that you will serve and protect those who are important to you. However at the same time following whatever orders that have been passed to you from above.

Firefighter Uniform
To dream about a firefighter’s uniform; foretells that there will be some type of fire and crisis in the near future. You will need to be mentally prepared to solve the problems. Some problems and hard times will arise soon for yourself and others.

Police Uniform
Police uniform in the dream points to justice and balance. Perhaps you are upholding certain rules and laws about issues in waking life.


Sports and Football Uniform
To dream that you are wearing your sports team like hockey or football team’s uniform; indicates that you feel pride and accomplishment for a group of people that you believe in. You are striving to achieve personal goals for you and the people around you. If you are wearing a referee uniform, it indicates that you will soon make some tough calls.


Pilot Uniform
Pilot uniform in dreams points to someone with a career path that you look up to as a guide in life. You will soon place trust in someone to help you achieve your goals.


Charter School Uniform
School uniform in dreams points to how you are identifying with your school. It could reflect a very studious mindset that relates to tests and learning new things.


Nurse Uniform
A nurse uniform in the dream indicates cleanliness and compassion.


Church Uniform
To dream about a church uniform, indicates that you will act accordingly and follow the teaching of your church and faith.

Work Uniform
Seeing the work uniform that you have in the dream; suggests that you are taking a passive role at your job. You do not wish to do more than what your work asks of you. Perhaps you believe that what you do is good enough for your salary.

Security Uniform
To see a security uniform indicates that you need to be alert and alarmed of people and events out of ordinary. Be willing to call for help and defend your situation when needed.

Dream About Conditions of Uniform

Dirty Uniform
Dirty uniforms in dreams signify disruption and chaos in your professional and academic life. Consider the type of stain and dirt on the uniform to get a better understanding of the underlying dream interpretation. For example, a blood stained dirty uniform may suggest passionate arguments at work.

New Uniform
New uniforms in dreams symbolize the end of problems and hard times in your business and private life. However, the dream suggests that new problems may arise.

Dream About Uniform Colors

Black Uniform
The black uniform in the dream foretells that you will get bad news about your family or social circle.

Blue Uniform
Blue uniform in dreams foretells that your relationship with someone will come to end due to different opinions.

Green Uniform
Green uniforms in dreams foretell that you will get good news about promotion or raises due to your hard work and success.

Red Uniform
Red uniforms in dreams reflect that you may soon experience radical thinking that may need to violent protests or acts.

Pink Uniform
Pink uniform in dreams suggests that you will soon enter a family-focused lifestyle.

White Uniform
White uniforms in a dream is a reminder of your own discipline. You will place great value on fame and honor.

Yellow Uniform
Yellow uniforms in the dream is a good omen that you will receive help from a powerful and delightful person in times of difficulty.

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