Referee Dream Interpretation

Referee in your dream signifies inner battle between different ideals, values, time, and fairness between people. You are trying to be fair and find balance to resolve conflicts in daily life. Below we will go through the most common referee related dreams and how they could be interpreted.

Baseball Umpire
Basketball Official
Football Judge or Linesman
Ice Hockey Timekeeper

Dream About Being a Referee
Being a referee to a sports, suggests that you are trying to be fair in your business dealings. Perhaps you are managing certain conflicts between your employees or coworkers, and you are trying to be neutral and avoiding to be on anyone’s side.

Dream About Unfair Referee
To watch an unfair referee making one sided or even corrupted calls, suggests that your value is not the same as the society or other individuals in waking life. That realization is causing to you feel emotionally upset and stressed. Perhaps you feel strongly against how government or management is handling conflicts for their own interest. Perhaps an arbitrator with conflict of interesting is siding against you on contract disagreements.

Dream About Referee Making Bad Calls
To dream about referee making bad calls, reflects that you are misjudged with your work or progress. Perhaps a teacher had graded your test papers incorrectly, or maybe your boss had made bad KPI assignments.

Dream About Fighting with Referee
To see yourself or someone fighting with referee physically, points to protests in waking life.

Dream About Referee Removing Players
If the referee calls some player out and remove them from the game in the dream, in waking life it foretells that police or judge arresting someone you know in waking life and sending them to prison.

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