Laundry Dream Interpretation

Did you dream about laundry? Doing laundry or cleaning your dirty clothes in the dream can relate to cleaning up your act or outer image. The transformation or cleansing typically relate to your negative habits or negative personality traits. If you are finding the small spots or stains after washing your clothes, it suggests that you may overly care about your image. Consider the type of clothing items, stains, and the process you are going through. These information will help you interpret your laundry related dream.

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Dream About Doing Laundry

When dreaming about doing laundry for another person such as ex boyfriend, it suggests that you may still have feelings for the person. However, the act of doing another person’s dirty laundry suggests that you may feel bitter and trying to find fault in the individual.

When the dream focuses on hanging your recently washed clothing, it means that you are currently undergoing a personal transformation or improvement. But you are not quite there yet. To dream about folding or sorting out the different types of clean clothing; it indicates that you are trying to understand your own feelings and putting them away.

Dream About Different Clothing Laundry

Depending on the clothes that you are washing or doing laundry in the dream, they might have different meanings.

Wedding Dress
Washing and cleaning a wedding dress, indicates that you will soon have a successful wedding party.

A dream that you are washing uniform, indicates that you will try to make a good impression, but you are likely not to succeed further.

Doing laundry for socks in the dream suggests that you need to watch your health.

Dream About Different Laundry Stains

Pay attention to the different types of stains on the dirty laundry in the dream. These stains can give you clues as to the negative aspect that you try to rid of. By dreaming about trying to remove different types of stains; it means that you purposely want to change yourself or think differently. You are finished with certain beliefs, habits, or situations.

Cleaning Lipstick Stain:
This refers to the unsafe or immoral sexual relations and thoughts that you may have.

Cleaning Blood:
This means the guilt that you feel with some of your past actions.

Cleaning Food Stain:
Suggests that you want to change your unhealthy eating habits.

Cleaning Dirt or Soil:
Suggests that you want to fix some of the personal hygiene habits.

Dream About Different Laundry Supplies and Items

Laundry Detergent Soap:
You need help to assist you with personal transformation. Perhaps a self-improvement book, lesson, or encouraging words from friends and family.

You want to wipe out your past habits as if they never existed.

Drying Sheet or Softener:
It suggests that you wish the new “you” to be more gentle with others.

Laundry Basket:
The basket signifies that you are currently putting a list or thinking about all the things that you want to change about yourself. When the laundry basket inside the dream gets too full, reflects that your lack of discipline to stay on top of waking life issues.

Dream About Various Laundry Related Tools and Providers

Laundromat, Washer, or Dryer
To dream that you are at a Laundromat, or buying appliances that do laundries such as washer or dryer, represents a transformation or cleansing. You are ready to rid yourself of the past hurts. If you are buying and placing a new washer and dryer, it signifies that you want to change your lifestyle that is contributing to self-improvement or more happiness.

Laundry Chute
To see a laundry chute in your dream suggests that you are not allowing others to dictate how you should look or act.

Dry Cleaner
Seeing or visiting a dry cleaner in the dream signifies the exploration of your subconscious and/or acknowledgment of your negative emotions.

Dream About Laundry

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