Hula Hoop Dream Meaning – Top 12 Dreams About Hula Hoops

Did you dream about hula hoops? Hula hoop in dreams signals that some aspect of your life is taking you in circles. However, you do enjoy the repetitive process. This process is helping you to become better at what you do. You might be discouraged because you are not seeing immediate results. Below we will interpret more dreams involving hula hoops.

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Dream About Why Hula Hoops are Used

Dream About Playing with Hula Hoops
Dreaming that you are playing hula hoops and having fun, indicates you are looking for childhood joy and exuberance.

Dream About Exercising with Hula Hoops
To dream that you are using hula hoops to exercise your abs, points to strong and reliable relationships with others. You will keep good and functioning distance and communication with people.

Dream About Performing with Hula Hoops
To see yourself performing hula hoops tricks such as juggling in the dream, is a sign that you are displaying your past glories similar to a trophy dream.

Dream About How You are Using Hula Hoops

Dream About Throwing Hula Hoops
Throwing hula hoops in the dream is a sign that you will do something new that you were never able to accomplish before. Do not be afraid to make mistakes and simply go for it.

Dream About Spinning Hula Hoops with Your Arm and Leg
To see yourself spinning hula hoops with arms and legs, indicates that your hands and movement will be tied about making something happen. But you do have some wiggle room to point things towards a favorable resolution.

Dream About Jumping Through Hula Hoop
Jumping through the hula hoop in the dream is a sign that you will soon take a leap of faith similar to jump rope. Similar to a dolphin jumping through a hoop to perform a trick, you will need to act to the expectation of others.

Dream About Getting Hit with a Hula Hoop
To see yourself getting hit by someone else’s hula hoop, is a sign that you will lose important friendship with people. Perhaps you are getting too personal and close to their comfort. Be careful about being judgmental of how other people approach their lives.

Dream About Appearances of Hula Hoops

Dream About Hula Hoop Too Big or Too Small
To dream that hula hoop is hard to use because its either too big or too small, indicates that you will not be suitable for your roles at your organization. You either have too little or too much talent for the job.

Dream About Hula Hoop Being Too Heavy
A weighted hula hoop that is too heavy in the dream, suggests that you have too high expectations of yourself. You will be upset that you will not live up to your private expectation. You will not be able to balance your life by taking responsibility that is too heavy.

Dream About Bent Hula Hoops
Bent hula hoops in the dream forewarn that you will hit issues with your routine work. Certain parts of your execution will come into constant stress.

Dream About Golden Hula Hoop
A golden hula hoop in the dream foretells good outcome. You will soon achieve your hopes and dreams.

Dream About Different Hula Hoop Colors
Consider the different colors in the hula hoop, and associate their meanings with how you relate to your routines.

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