Jump Rope Dream Interpretation

Jumping rope in the dream represents your ability to repeatedly doing something without error. You need to coordinate both your legs and arms to execute your plans. Consider where you are, and how you are approaching the task at hand, so that you could efficiently complete the tasks. Below are more detailed dream meanings for most common jump rope related dreams.

Jump Rope Being Too Short
To dream about jump being too short, indicates that you do not have enough room for error in your execution. Perhaps you are giving yourself too little wiggle room in your weight loss and exercise goals. Consider being little easier on yourself.

Exercising with Jump Rope
Dreaming that you are exercising with jump rope is similar to a treadmill dream. Instead of being in mindless rut however, you are viewing everyday life with fresh eyes and challenge, however you are afraid to make mistakes and fall.

Jump Rope Tricks
To dream about jump rope tricks, is a sign that you are tackling on every opportunity to try harder. Perhaps you are trying to impress an audience at how much you could juggle and handle at the same time.

Playing with Jump Rope
To play with jump rope for fun in the dream, indicates that you should pick up some youthful activities or sports that you enjoy. Your mind and body will benefit from being active in waking world.

Tripping Over Jump Rope
To dream that you are tripping over a jumping rope, portends a period of lack of control. You will lose your momentum from something that you have been able to do. Consider taking a break or vacation so that you could get back to your daily challenge and routine. You will soon be able to bounce right back like bungee jumping.

Swinging Jumping Rope for Others
To dream that you are swinging the jump rope for someone, reflects that you will take on a coaching role. You will soon be in a position to motivate and inspire others to better themselves.

Buying New Jump Rope
Buying new jump rope in the dream, suggests that you want more challenges in life. You have extra concentration and energy to take on more tasks.

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