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To see a dolphin represents your ability to explore and navigate through your emotions. It symbolizes spiritual guidance and emotional trust. Since dolphins are generally conceived as playful and happy animals, seeing them appearing in your dream often suggest enjoyment, positive feelings and circumstances.

Dream About Interaction with Dolphin
Riding a Dolphin
To dream that you are riding a dolphin through the ocean represents your optimism and social altruism. If you ride through huge waves, it suggests that you are able to navigate freely under adverse situations.

Saving a Dolphin
saving one or more dolphins that you want rekindle the fun and passion in a stale job or relationship.

Talking to Dolphin
When you dream about talking to a dolphin, pay attention to the type of message that you are conveying. The message is a line of communication has been established between the conscious and subconscious aspects of yourself.

Petting a Dolphin
The dream is usually an inspirational one when you are petting or touching a dolphin. The dream is encouraging you to utilize your mind to its capacity and move upward in life.

Dream About Dolphin Actions
Dolphin Attack or Bite
If you’re attacked by a dolphin in your dream it suggests a readiness to take on whatever is stopping you from realizing your dreams. Listen to your subconscious and go for whatever adventure that you have planned.

Flying Dolphin
Dreaming that a dolphin is jumping or flying out of the water, suggest that you need to openly express your carefree and childish nature. Perhaps you have been under the water for too long, now comes the time to live a little and enjoy yourself.

Dolphin Swimming with Sharks
To see a dolphin swim in shark infested waters, suggest the sense of danger that you feel for yourself. Perhaps you are at a situation where your carefree life style may end soon.

Dolphin with Whales
Seeing a dolphin swimming together with the whales, suggest that your carefree attitude and life is protected and shielded by a big and authoritative figure.

Two Dolphins Playing
Dreams with two dolphins playing suggest the loving and playful relationship with your significant other.

Dead Dolphin
To dream that a dolphin is dying or already dead indicates feeling of despair. You are feeling disconnected to the people around you.

Dream About Different Dolphin
Baby Dolphin or Small Dolphin
To dream about baby dolphins or small dolphins that need protection, suggest that you need to nourishment your inner joy. Do not get swayed or discouraged by minor bumps along the road of your personal growth and development.

White Dolphin
Pure white dolphins is a sign of higher spiritual standing. Your path is guided on a noble path.

Pink Dolphin
Dreams with pink dolphins represent a symbol of love, joy, sweetness, and affection.

Black Dolphin or Sick Injured Dolphin
To see a purely black dolphin who may be sick or injured suggests that your spiritual guidance or path may be flawed.


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