Juggle Dream Meaning – Top 8 Dreams About Juggling

Did you dream about juggling? Juggling in the dream reflects doing many things at the same time. Consider how well the juggler is doing in the dream to note his or her success. Below we will go over the most common dream interpretations where you see juggling or are juggling yourself.

Dream About Learning Juggling

Training and Practicing to Juggle
To train and practice juggle in the dream, indicates that you are taking more responsibilities either at work or at home. Perhaps you are trying to work from home and tend your family and kids at the same time. However, the dream suggests that you are not really good at it yet. You are learning and practicing to become better.

Juggling and Dropping Objects
To dream that you are juggling and dropping items on the floor in the dream, is a sign that you are feeling overwhelmed by too many tasks and projects at once. Consider asking for some help or deal with fewer things at the same time. If you do not make any changes, you are bound to make more mistakes and failures. It is time to cut down your stress and simplify your routine.

Dream About Getting Better at Juggling
To see yourself practicing and getting flawless at juggling, indicates positive changes are occurring in your life. You are both active, busy, and fulfilled at the same time.

Dream About Juggling Objects

Juggling Dangerous Objects
To dream that you are juggling dangerous objects like torches on fire or knives suggests that you are dealing with many difficult people and departments at the same time. Perhaps you are trying to find the balance between the different mangers or clients. The stakes are high that you may lose your livelihood if you fail. Be careful of hurting yourself while trying to impress others.

Juggling Hats
To see yourself juggling hats in the dream, reflects that you are consistently shifting between roles in your life. You are trying to be a good husband, wife, father, mother, daughter, or son. Some of these roles can conflict with each other. You are trying to fit into more roles so that you could perform.

Juggling Balls
To dream yourself juggling circle balls like basketball or tennis ball, signifies that you will soon be involved in exciting and fun activities. These activities are likely to be connected with leisure hobbies that you enjoy very much.

Dream About Juggling Performance

Attending a Juggler’s Circus Show
To dream that you are attending a circus show, indicates that you are curious to see how other people handle their life’s many requests. Perhaps you feel that yourself is unskilled in trying to handle many tasks.

Performing Juggle In Front of An Audience
Dreaming that you are juggling and performing in front of people, reflects that your activities will be put in the limelight. People will throw many tasks at you and expect you to handle and perform. Consider your emotions within the dream, are you afraid that you will fail? Or are you excited to take on the challenge to make everyone happy.

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