Comb Dream Meaning – Top 17 Dreams About Comb

Did you dream about combs? They represent the need to organize and sort your thoughts. Perhaps you need to go through your worries, fears, and desires. You want to present the best part of yourself so others understand what is going through your mind. A fancy or elaborate comb in the dream may reflect your preoccupation with appearances. Below we will help you discover the most common comb dream interpretations.

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Dream About Getting or Giving Combs

Purchasing and Buying Comb
To purchase and buying a comb in the dream; suggests that you have to get out of your comfort zone. Work and try something new. A new look or new attitude might benefit you. This is the perfect opportunity for some new makeover.

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Giving Comb
Giving a comb to someone foretells that you will develop a relationship with him or her. You will give her certain expectations on how to look and act. Perhaps you are looking for a business partner or life long friend.

Finding Comb
To dream about finding a comb; denotes that you will soon meet someone who will make a lasting impression on you. Perhaps it could a role model celebrity, a caring boss, or lovers. These people will change how you look and feel about yourself. You will be primed and shaped in some way.

Receiving Comb
Receiving a comb from someone in the dream; indicates that you have attracted the attention of someone. It also means that he or she has a certain bias or expectation from you. Consider talking to them to make sure that they understand who you truly are. Look forward to promotions or opportunities to expand your career.

Losing Comb
Losing the comb in the dream suggests that you will lose something very important to how you look. Watch out for significant life events like being fired. This will cause you to look bad such as bankruptcy or even homelessness. Do not be afraid to ask for help from others during times of need.

Dream About Using Combs

Having and Holding a Comb
To see yourself having and holding a comb without any action; means that you have regrets over a missed opportunity. The dream forewarns a bad interview where you might freeze or do a bad job. Learn from your mistakes so that you can better present the best impression in the future.

Brushing and Combing Hair
To dream that you are brushing or combing your hair; foretells that you will have fun at your next event. You will have some party outings with friends or excel in the workplace. People will look up to you and you will leave great impressions.

Combing Beard
Combing your beard in the dream indicates that you are too arrogant. You treat yourself and hold your own personal opinions with high regard.

Combing Someone’s Hair
Dreaming that you are combing someone’s hair; foretells that you will soon groom someone for success. Pay attention to this person. He or she will live up to your expectations. Perhaps you are training someone to take your place or raising up wonderful children.

Dream About Other Comb Actions

Breaking a Comb
Dream that you are breaking a comb; it suggests that you no longer care about how other people see you. You are ready to live yourself without concerns. You will deal with your problems your way and do whatever you want. Perhaps you are ready to burn some bridges in order to achieve your goals.

Cleaning Comb
To see yourself cleaning comb from loose hair or gel; represents awareness for yourself to do something better. You are ready for the next project. You are going over your previous mistakes so that you can perform better the next time. Perhaps you are going your words, presentation, and tone to appear better in front of others.

Dream About Comb Colors

Green Comb
Green comb color points to correcting thoughts, attitudes, and opinions. You are ready to think differently in order to solve problems.

Black Comb
To see black comb suggests that you will jeopardize your relationship. You will not be clear with your expectations and communication. You want your partner to guess too much.

Red Comb
Red comb in the dream indicates that you need to be more aggressive. Be harder and impulsive to get what you want. Do not rely on others to give you what you want.

Pink Comb
The pink comb in the dream points to warm and sweet feelings. You will soon find what you have been searching for.

White Comb
A white comb symbolizes unnecessary worry. You are stressed out because you worry about your appearance.

Blue Comb
Blue comb in the dream points to sadness or depressed feelings. You are not happy about how certain people think of you.

Dream About Comb Conditions

Broken Comb
A broken comb in the dream forewarns an uncomfortable encounter with others. People will not understand your worries and concerns. Instead, they will likely break down themselves after learning more about you. Consider sugar-coating your opinions and criticisms so that they become more acceptable to people.

Dirty Comb
A dirty comb in the dream points to negative influences in your life. Watch out for others who might poison your mind and make you look bad. Be careful of humiliation if you start taking in and consuming conspiracy theories. They will gradually convert your thought process so that you can no longer argue with them.

Old Comb
An old comb in the dream, is a sign that certain traditional views will shape how you act and think. Do not be overly concerned. These conservative views will work out in the end.

Dream About Comb Materials

Wood Comb
Wood comb in the dream suggests that you will become more practical. You will work hard to get rid of your debts. You will soon live frugally in order to achieve a stress-free lifestyle.

Gold Comb
Gold comb in the dream points to unexpected gain. Certain investments that you have worried about and stressed for a long time will finally turn positive. You will get lucky in this game of chance and finally profit.

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