Mustache Dream Meaning – Top 19 Dreams About Beard & Mustache

Did you dream about the mustache or beard? Facial hair in the dreams points to some type of support or worries about others. You worry about how other people look and affect you. You are letting something or someone to stand in front, in order to hide. Beard or mustache can also point to a sign of confidence. However, confidence can relate to both lies and truth. The person with a mustache or beard may be proudly telling their lies. Consider how you interact and perceive the beard or mustache in the dream to get a better interpretation.

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Dream About Cutting Beard or Mustache

Shaving Your Beard
Seeing yourself shaving your beard or mustache for a clean naked shave; suggests that you will be vulnerable. You will soon come clean to a certain image that you have always uphold. It is time to let other people see another side of you.

Cutting Beard with Scissors
To dream that you are cutting your beard or mustache with scissors; indicates that you will soon make an unwanted and irreversible decision. This unpopular decision will completely change how other people think of you.

Trimming Beard
To dream that you are trimming mustache or beard by yourself or barbershop; suggests that you want to impress others. You want to become more attractive to someone that you interested in. So you are clearing up some of the rough edges.  

Dream About Troubles with Mustache or Beard

Missing Beard or Mustache
Seeing yourself missing or losing mustache portends that you will lose authority and face. People will have their attention on you for the wrong reasons. Watch out for some hidden truths or secrets that become public. The public image that you have tried hard to build may collapse.

Losing Beard Falling Off
To see your beard or mustache falling off; indicates that you are fearful of achieving your goals. You are sabotaging yourself from full potential. Your attitude and worry is the problem. You are worried about being fired or laid off from your job. Watch out for an identity crisis in the near future.

Burning Beard
To dream your beard is burning and on fire; your subconsciousness is warning you that you are investing too much time and effort on physical appearance. You will soon tell lies and lies so that you uphold your public image. The dream warns that your ignorance will catch up to you at one point. Consider being truthful going forward.

Dream About Getting Beard

Combing Beard
Combing your beard in the dream indicates that you are too arrogant. You treat yourself and hold your own personal opinions with high regard. You see other people as inferior. As a result, you get to act harshly against others because of your self-righteousness.

Growing a Beard or Mustache
To dream that you are growing a mustache or beard; suggests that you have been pretty satisfied with your business and private life lately. You have nothing to worry about your prospects and relationship with family, customers, or coworkers. People are treating you with respect. You are on the right path.

Dream About People with Beard

Bearded Dragon
Beard dragon in the dream points to an angry authority in waking life. However, deep down you do not take him or her seriously. You think the individual constantly throws hilarious temper tantrums. It relates to certain authorities like managers or politicians like the president.

Female Bearded Woman
To dream about a female bearded woman; suggests that you need to express your power through words and verbal expression. Do not be afraid about how others view you. Stand your ground. Share your viewpoints with the world and let your voices be heard.

Boyfriend Beard
Seeing your boyfriend growing a sudden beard in the dream; forewarns that he worries deeply about how you view the relationship. He might be having an identity crisis and confidence problems.

Dream About Beard Appearances

Beard Sizes

Large Giant Beard
To see yourself carrying a large giant beard; indicates that you are overly confident with your actions. You do not care about what others think of you. Do what you think is right. You stand tall and stand by every one of your decision.

Full Beard
To dream about a full beard; it points to praises and high regard. You will be rewarded for your effort. People will appreciate you more for your achievements. Your dedication to your business, organization, and family will soon pay off. You raise others up, so other people will raise you up even higher.

Half Beard
To see or have half bear in the dream, suggests that you will overcome your troubles.

Long Beard or Mustache
A very long beard or mustache in the dream points to traditions and long-held biases. You have a strong belief about how certain thing needs to be done. Be careful your traditional and conservative viewpoints might clash with many other people. However, some people might admire you.

Beard Conditions

Clean Beard
A clean well kept beard in the dream suggests tactful communication with others. You will say and act a certain way to appease your audiences. You will be a straight talker who will appeal to others.

Dirty Beard
Dirty beard in the dream points to quarrel. You might be ashamed publicly. Consider what items make your beard dirty. If food particles or sauces like ketchup or mustard; it suggests that you might be caught taking bribery or cheating on taxes. If dirt or soil is on the beard, it portends dirty talks or harsh words that will strain your relationship.

Fake Beard or Fake Mustache
To wear a fake beard mustache costume or mask in the dream; indicates that you are trying to draw attention away from problems. You are protecting yourself with half-truths and lies. If someone else is wearing a fake mustache or beard in the dream, watch out for their lies. They have created defense mechanisms or walls of lies to protect himself.

Dream About Beard Colors

Grey Beard
Grey’s beard color in the dream points to getting older. You are losing some of your masculine personality and turning soft. You longer feel aggressive about certain issues in life.

Blue Beard
The Blue beard in the dream indicates that you need to let the past go. Let go of hard feelings in the past. You will soon gain wisdom from your failures.

Red Beard
Red beard in the dream denotes that you are looking for a way to get noticed. Look for new ways to express yourself. Be passionate and make changes accordingly. Do not be afraid to take on risks and try new things.

White Mustache or Beard
A white mustache or beard is a sign of bad health. Watch out for health issues. Diseases might strike you.

Yellow Beard
Yellow and golden beard in the dream points to earning in financial and personal spheres. You will make a powerful relationship and connect with wealthy or powerful individuals.

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