Lobster Dream Interpretation

Did you dream about lobsters? Lobsters in dreams represent strength and persistence. It signifies the reward and profit that comes from standing own ground and overcome your difficulties and problems. Below we will go over the most common lobster related dreams to help you decipher how they might apply to your waking life.

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Dream About Catching and Holding Lobsters

Dream About Catching Lobster
To catch a lobster with a net or even by hand, is an indication that you will receive a higher salary or even a windfall. You will feel better financial security with this newfound money coming your way.

Dream About Killing a Lobster
Killing a lobster in the dream is a warning that you are becoming too close with people who are focused only on pleasure. These people might taint your reputation or cause you to overspend beyond your capability.

Dream About Holding Lobster
Holding a live lobster in the dream is a symbol of status. Perhaps you have recently obtained promotion and rose to a position of power or importance. Watch out for being overconfident with your status and taking too much responsibility. You might fail if you are not careful about what you wish for.

Dream About Lobster Chasing or Attacking

Dream About Lobster Chasing You
Dreaming of a lobster chasing after you, points to someone who always brings negativity to your ideas or passions when you ask for advice. The dream suggests that you have a hard time gaining any support from your social circle. In particular, any business ideas that might end up being profitable endeavors.

Dream About Lobster Bite or Attack
Dreaming about lobster biting you or attacking you with its claws, suggests that you are in the way of someone trying to make money. The person will not let anything or anyone to satisfy their desires for a profitable path. You might get seriously injured if you are careful about where you are standing.

Dream About Cooking and Eating Lobster

Dream About Eating Lobster
Dreaming about eating lobster represents that you will have plenty of confidence to sell yourself or your products. You will succeed and make good fortune in whatever you are working on.

Dream About Cooking Lobster
Be open to new opportunities. Embrace change and all the world offers. Open yourself to living life without hiding away. What do you hide from? Who hurt you that you need strong armor for protection? Have faith in the changes around you, even though you might try to resist.

Dream About Parts of Lobster

Dream About Lobster Claws
Dreams of lobster claw suggest that you will go through a painful or uncomfortable period. You will have a hard time breaking through to a profitable path. However, if you claw your way through persistence, patience, and hard work. You will eventually be able to win and enjoy the fruit of your labor.

Dream About Lobster Tail
Having a juicy and tender lobster tail in the dream suggests that you will feel happy and live comfortably, specifically after a former difficult time. You will soon get enough money to do what you want. Complete your unfinished works, and get paid or rewarded for your hard work. You will achieve your goals and get richer financially.

Dream About Lobster Shells
Focusing on the lobster shell in the dream, indicates that you have been hiding away your talents and abilities to protect yourself. However, it might be time to venture out of your shell and show the world how good you are. By challenging your self and your comfort zone, you will be able to grow yourself both intellectually and financially.

Dream About Lobster Dishes

Dream About Lobster Roll
Lobster roll in the dream indicates that you will soon be in a prominent position to earn a lot of money for yourself. The bread part of the dream suggests that you will also be overseeing many people on the job. You are responsible for other people’s livelihood.

Dream About Lobster Salad
Having lobster salad in the dream, suggests that you need to take the cream and positive influences in your life. Combine the different parts and put forth your best self. You will be able to achieve better personal growth. However, you need to balance different elements that contribute to your ego.

Dream About Conditions of the Lobster

Dream About Big Giant Lobster
Dreaming about a big giant lobster, reflects that you are ready to move upwards in your career. You are ready to expand your business or the scope of your responsibilities. You have gained enough knowledge and strength, to overcome difficulties that may have to seem too big prior.

Dream About Live Lobster
Live lobsters in dream points to minor annoyances around you. Perhaps someone or something is broken is causing you to lose money in the long run. The dream points to a persisting problem that exists, such as a leaking water faucet or toilet. If you take care of the issue, you will be able to keep more money for yourself.

Dream About Dead Lobster
Simply seeing a dead lobster without it being consumable, relates to some type of mistakes or even dishonesty. It is a warning sign that someone is going to mess up. He or she will end up lying to cover up their tracks. It will destroy trust and potential partnerships in the future.

Dream About Baby Lobster
Seeing baby lobsters in the dream, suggests that you will enjoy the greatest success of your new ideas. Pay attention and see if any of your initial thoughts are viable. They might be able to generate good wealth and profit for you.

Dream About Pet Lobster
Pet lobsters in dreams relate to your side gigs or pet projects. These endeavors allow you to pursue your own ideas of pleasure while getting side income. There is a chance that your side income can replace your main job. So do not take it lightly, as you might miss out on significant potential gains.

Dream About Colors of the Lobster

Dream About Cooked Red Lobster
Dreams of cooked red lobster denote aggressive or protective sexual feelings.

Dream About Black Lobster
Seeing black lobsters in dreams, is a reminder that you need to stand up for your beliefs. Do not let others bullying you and stopping you from speaking out or taking actions.

Dream About White Lobster
Encountering white lobsters in the dream is a sign that the universe is delivering you untold gifts. Be more patient and you will have the strength to overcome all challenges. Wealth and abundance are coming to you soon.

Dream About Blue Lobster
Blue lobster in dreams denotes that harsh emotional experiences will drive you to retreat. The dream foretells that you will be afraid to take on risk. Be vulnerable because of your past emotional experiences. However, by being risk-averse, you will miss out on many things that life has to offer.

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