Bow Dream Interpretation

Please note that this “bow” dream interpretation is specifically for decorated bows made from ribbons. To see or tie a bow in your dream generally symbolizes femininity. Consider the type, color, and how the bows are used in your dream to get more clues on how to interpret the dream.

Dream About Bows and Different Contexts
Dream About Bows on Dresses
Dreaming about bows on dresses reflects female influence and control of some sort. Perhaps you have some predetermined thoughts or opinions about how women are supposed to act in certain way.

Dream about Giftbox Bow
Seeing a bow on a gift box refers to the pursuit and accomplishment of your goals. You are ready to wrap your work up and enjoy the gifts of your labor. You may also present the result of your work to others that are important to you. The bow can be related to a specific time such as the holidays to enjoy the fruits of your labor.

Dream About Tight Bows that Cannot be Untied
Dreaming about a tight bow that has turned into a dead knot that cannot be untied, suggests that you may be too stubborn towards certain issues in your life. Perhaps you want certain feminine events to play a certain way like a wedding or engagement, and you find yourself stressed or angry over the issues.

Dream About Making or Tying a Bow
If you are making or tying a bow in the dream, it suggests that you are trying to connect to your female spirit guides or other female figures in your life.

Dream About Holding a Bow
To hold a bow represents thoughts on whether or not you want to move forward with certain relationship. Someone might be trying to get closer to another person romantically.

Dream About Different Types of Bows
Dream about Hair Bow
Dreaming about hair bow indicates a curb on excess emotions or feelings. You may be trying for ways to express yourself without coming on too strong about your opinions. The dream is hinting that you need to think twice about expressing your thoughts.

Dream About Bow Tie
Dreams of bow ties relate to social causes. The dream is signaling that you or soemone may attend an important social event soon.

Dream About Untied Bow Ribbon Strings
If the dream features ribbon strings that are supposed to be tied into bows, it represents emotional capacities that you hold within yourself. You have the power to feel or think a certain way, an unmade bow symbolizes those unconnected energy or potentials. You are able to meld certain events based on your thoughts and feminine strength.

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