Amputation Dream Meaning – Top 11 Dreams About Amputation

To dream that your limbs are amputated, symbolize the removal of something that is important, they relate to critical talents, capabilities, and confidence for you to carry out various aspects of your life. The losses foretold in the dream is generally serious and permanent, take these warnings seriously as it could impact your life significantly and negatively.

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Dream About Amputation Arm

To dream that your arms get amputated, indicate that you will suffer losses that impact your ability to take on responsibilities and work. You cannot help even if you wanted to, perhaps someone is removing you from what you were once in charge of and you are extremely stressed out about your loss of ability.

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Dream About Getting Used to Amputation

Dreaming that your limbs have been cut off, and you are recovering or getting by, indicates that you are dealing with powerlessness, helplessness, and frustration. However, the dream foretells that everything will be fine after a while. You simply have to make major adjustments to your new life style.

Dream About Amputation Someone Else

Seeing yourself amputating other people’s arms or legs, suggests that you are sending a message or threat to take away other people’s opportunity to express themselves. You are cutting people off with their access to work, so that they will eventually have to leave on their own or get left behind.

Dream About Amputation Legs or Foot

Dream that your legs or foot get amputated, foretells that something negative in your life will happen. You will likely lose your mobility and freedom which makes it hard to move forward or anywhere really.

Dream About Self Amputation

To conduct self amputation in the dram, foretells that you will intentionally cut off people who have been once very important to you. You may be laying off or firing people long time employees or coworkers who have worked with you, or perhaps removing all communication with certain family members.

Dream About Amputation Toe

Dreaming that your toes suffer amputation, is a sign that you will soon lose your sense of balance after the loss of a loved one. You were once very close to this person and he or she has always supported you during the time of need.

Dream About Accident Amputation

Seeing you get amputated because of an accident, symbolizes your fear of failures in business. You are afraid of events and circumstances that are outside of your control.

Dream About Limbs Growing Back After Amputation

Dreaming about limbs growing after suffering through amputation, suggests that you will be able to defend and recover from your weakness and failures. It could also be a reflection of your inner most desire to cherish what you have lost before.

Dream About Dog Amputation

Seeing a dog amputation due to diseases, is a sign that you will have to take drastic measures in order to relieve the pain and suffering of people close to you.

Dream About Hand Amputation

If you dream about losing you hands because they got cut off and amputated, indicates the lost of touch.

Dream About Thumb or Finger Amputation

To get your thumb or finger amputated in the dream, indicates that you will lose your ability to grab onto opportunities that present themselves. The dream foretells that promotions, or business deals are likely to pass you by.

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