Acne Dream Meaning – Top 3 Dreams About Pimples

Did you dream about acne and pimples? Any skin condition or problems on the face, such as Zit or Rash in general, relate to your self-esteem and self-image issues. Having a full-blown acne attack in the dream suggest that you feel awkward or out of place in situations and relationship. You worry about how others look at you. Below we will note more acne-related dream interpretations.

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Dream About Acne Breaking Out

When you have pimples or acne breaking out quickly, it can suggest a period where you are not confident about who you are. You feel insecure about how you appear. Perhaps you have been placed into a new job position or a new school. You feel uncomfortable in the overall situation.

If your dream is focusing or noticing others’ acne problems, you may be trying to find fault or reasons to dislike them. It can suggest that you overly rely on outward appearances.

If you are in your teen years and do have acne or pimples, the dream may reflect the actual world experience. And if the dream relates to how you have looked back in the teen years, it can suggest the awkward appearances or naive emotions of a younger age. For example, dreaming about having acne while being on a school bus can reflect earlier times.

Dream About Popping Your Acne or Pimple

Dreaming about Squeezing or popping your pimples in the dream indicates that you need and express your negative emotions. You are beginning to acknowledge your awkward emotions, and you are doing what you can to make yourself look better.

When blood spills from popping the acne in the dream, it suggests disappointments and emotional pain. Perhaps it pains for you to acknowledge yourself and how you look to others.

Dream About Big or Giant Zit

This suggests that you are putting too much focus on the fault that you exhibit. You are placing your zit or pimple under the spotlight to examine, and you do not like what you see. If the acne or pimple is actually painful in the dream, it suggests that your findings are hurting you emotionally. Perhaps you should learn to accept who you are. And make the best out of the given situation.

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