Butter Dream Interpretation

To see butter in your dream suggests that you are looking to be gratified in area of your life. Consider the different types of foods that you are using butter on, consider the setting and the people whom you may be sharing the food with in the dream. The dream will indicate areas of life where you need to indulge yourself in pleasure.

To eat butter sparingly with other foods suggests that you will experience good health and fortune in the future. However, eating a stick of butter directly suggest that you have been overly indulgent in your lifestyle, it may be time to dial back before you experience serious health and other financial troubles.

Dream About Butter Related Dreams
Spreading and Putting Butter on Items
The dream may be a metaphor that you need ease the tough situation by “buttering” up to someone.

Butter Knife
To see or use a butter knife to cut through butter in your dream signifies easiness and simplicity, you are having things easy and cutting through your tasks. However, if the butter knife is used on any other objects other than butter, it suggests that you are not using the right tools and being ineffective with your strategy. You lack important knowledge and insight and are missing vital information or strategy.

Cooking with Butter
To cook with butter suggest that you will have influential friendships that affect the final outcome of your business decisions. Perhaps you will start a new business and friends will be able to loan you money to fund your operation.

Melting Butter
To dream that you are melting butter or that the butter has melted implies that you need to be soften your attitude.

Churning Butter
To dream that you are churning butter represents hard work and difficult task ahead.

Buying or Selling Butter
To barter and trade by buying or selling butter suggest that you will earn a healthy profit with your business dealings.

Dream About Types of Butter
Peanut Butter
Dreaming about seeing or eating peanut butter indicates that you are having trouble communicating your thoughts and ideas. Perhaps you used the wrong language or way of saying things which have caused misunderstanding.

Bread and Butter
The combination of bread and butter suggest the basic knowledge or work skills that you possess. These are the basic building blocks of how you sustain your life. To eat bread and butter suggests that you are relying on those basic skills to earn a living.

Butter and Jelly
Dreams with a combination with butter and jelly suggests that good time is near. To have a butter and jelly sandwich suggests you will be able to enjoy yourself even during the tough times.

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