Onion Dream Meaning – Top 15 Dreams About Onion

Did you dream about onions? Onions in dreams represent tears, memories, disguises, and jealousy. It indicates certain layered emotions and mood swings depending on the contexts of the dream. To get the dream meaning for the onion, consider where you see onions, how you are using the onions, and the condition of the onion to get a clearer interpretation of such the dream.

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Dream About Getting Onions

Dream About Buying Onion
Dreaming of onion shopping in a grocery store suggests that you are currently in a time of emotional need. But you will have to go through many people for help. Some of these people in your life could be phony, fake, and full of deceit.

Dream About Growing and Planting Onions
Growing and planting onions in the dream suggest that you need to go far and deep into understanding how and why you feel a certain way. Travel further into your childhood memories can yield powerful results in understanding yourself. Try not to jump to conclusions with obvious events or thoughts that you believe.

Dream About Onion Field
Seeing an onion field or onion farm indicates that there is an existence of unfortunate energy. Several accidents may happen in the future that will cause harm. Take the time to remove these potential pitfalls to protect what you love.

Dream About Cooking Onions

Dream About Cutting and Slicing Onion
Seeing yourself cutting an onion in the dream indicates that you are doing your best to go deeper into a relationship. You will learn more about someone whom you are dating. You are judging someone while opening yourself up to emotional swings.

Dream About Peeling Onion
The dream that focuses on peeling onion skin off suggests that you will expose certain issues in front of others. You will be able to see the true matter at hand. However, this can suggest you could potentially face losses, economic concerns, and difficulties as the facade has dropped. The dream foretells that you must make the best out of all negative situations.

Dream About Someone Else Cutting Onions
If someone is cutting an onion and making you cry, it means that you are subconsciously jealous of him in waking life. Perhaps you are jealous of other people’s lifestyles and accomplishments. You secretly despise them, yet you do not realize that is how you truly feel.

Dream About Tearing Up Due to Onion
To cry due to onions without anyone cutting it; suggests that certain memories recently have reminded you of your past. However, these memories can either be painful or sweet. Yet, the memories will soon pass, and you will move on with your life.

Dream About Consuming Onions

Dream About Eating Onion or Drinking Onion Soup
Eating onions or onion-related dishes in the dream reflects that you require balance in your waking life. Consider spending some time meditating and reflect several layers of your life. Understand that there are multiple parts and roles that you are playing in life. When you focus too much on the negative or positive aspects, it can blindside you as to the true meaning of your purpose. In short, take time to balance out good things and bad things, and moderation is key to your success.

Dream About Throwing Onions
Dreaming about throwing or juggling onions indicates terrible mood swings that could have disastrous outcomes.

Dream About Conditions of Onions

Dream About Raw Onion
Raw onions in the dream can point to troubles within your family unit. Perhaps certain family members are too brutally honest about their thoughts and opinions. That could cause tension and discomfort. Someone might have feelings of contempt towards the raw honesty that are too strong in flavor.

Dream About Rotten Onions
Rotten onions in the dream reflect that someone holds ill will and contempt towards you. Bottled-up negative emotions and thoughts cause these. They will lead to unhealthy encounters and memories shortly.

Dream About Onion Related Food

Dream About Diced or Chopped Onions
To dream that you are dicing or chopping up onions suggests that you are losing patience about finding the source of a problem. You are cutting things through all the layers and meddling up. However, you will still be able to solve your problems in the end and reach your goals.

Dream About Onion Rings
Eating onions rings in the dream reflects that you are feeling happy about something in your life. But this happiness may end abruptly if you do not have a good handle on your expectation. Learn to live it up and be content as good things come by. Enjoy the company of your friends and family without worrying too much about the negative disagreements that may arise from time to time.

Dream About Different Types of Onions

Dream About Red Onion
Dreams of red onions suggest that your health may be in jeopardy, and you need to take better care of yourself. With enough self-care, you will be able to overcome any health issues.

Dream About Green Onion
To see or eat green onions refer to health and supplements that you are adding to your life. These are healthy additions that could make your life more lively. Perhaps you are getting to know new people who will offer good ideas.

Dream About White Onion
Dreaming about the white onion signifies that the world is repressing your spirit. You need to bring more balance with the rest of you.

Dream About Spring Onion
Spring onions in dreams refer to several activities in life that you have worked for to better yourself. You will soon get something to move ahead in your business. However, you will have to work hard and find the best way to continue your projects. Be careful to stay true to your spiritual belief so that you can maintain a good balance both materialistically and spiritually.

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