Buttons Dream Meaning – Top 5 Dreams About Buttons

Did you dream about buttons? To see a button on your clothes in your dream indicates wealth and security. If you two see two buttons that match and clip on each other, it suggests that two people need to come together as one. Below are some other dream interpretations that may involve buttons and clothing.

Buttoned Up
Dreaming about closed buttons business attire like suits and dress shirts suggests that you may be too refrained. Perhaps you should let loose and stop buttoning yourself up.

Unbuttoning Clothing
To dream that you are unbuttoning your clothes denotes that you are opening yourself to others on a mental, emotional, or sexual level.

Wear Cloth With Buttons Lost
To wear a cloth or dress with lost or missing buttons signifies your tarnished self-image. You are feeling insecure and unconfident about yourself.

Box or Pile of Loose Buttons
Dreaming about loose buttons suggests that you are losing your money and wealth at small things or expenditures.

Sewing Buttons onto Clothing
The dream of sewing or fixing buttons with needles and threads suggests that you are fixing and repairing the relationship tears around your life. Perhaps you have had arguments with your close family or friends, and that relationship needs to be patched up.

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