Moat Dream Meaning – Top 7 Dreams About Moat

Did you dream about the moat? A moat in the dream represents some type of barrier that both protects yourself and keep away the outside forces. Consider the structure that the moat is circling in the dream such as a castle. It could protect you with valuable insight into how to interpret the dream meanings.

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Dream About Building a Moat

Digging a Moat
Digging a moat and filling it with water, suggests that you are shutting people out with negative emotions or wall. You wish to keep away others from reaching out to you. You want to be left alone with your own personal issues.

Building a Trap Moat
To dream that you are filling a moat with traps and arrows, indicates that you are setting up your defenses so that others will have issues to reach out to you. You have problems with intimacy and you are easily alarmed when others try to advance on you. You actively try to find fault in other people’s actions.

Dream About Crossing a Moat

Crossing a Moat
Dreaming that you are crossing a moat, foretells that you are breaking through someone’s emotional barrier. You are getting a closer and more intimate understanding of another person. Perhaps you will get him or her to accept you and take your offer about something like a sales pitch.

Dream About Different Types of Moat

Anti-terrorist Moat
Dreaming that you are setting up an anti-terrorist moat, foretells that you will put up a protection against other people’s ill well. Perhaps you need to hack proof of your work computer or network system. You might be taking the necessary steps to protect yourself.

Zoo Safety Moats
To dream about a safety moat for a zoo, suggests that you need to keep your distance from others. Perhaps you are enduring certain conflicts due to personality differences. And you feel that it is best if you do not get too close.

Border Defense Moat
To see a border defense moat in the dream; foretells that you need to soothe someone else’s concerns or pain in order to make any progress. Otherwise, you will be kept out of important information or opinions.

Pest Control Moat
To dream about pest control moat, indicates that you are only letting specific people getting cross to you. You do not want to take in advice or opinions from everyone. You are intentionally tuning out much of the negative buggy information.

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