Chess Dream Interpretation

To see or play chess in dream indicates that you need to carefully think through your situation before making a decision. Depending on the circumstances surrounding chess seen in the dream, it may be read differently.

Dream About Chess Board
To dream of a chess board, symbolizes the positive and negative of a situation. The decision that you will make in the near future will come with both opportunities and costs.

Dream About Chess Pieces
Depending on the chess piece that appears in your dream, they could be read differently. However, if you dream about the whole set of chess pieces, they refer to the different positions in your family or organization. Perhaps you have to consider how everyone in your social circle interact with one another.

Dream About Playing Chess Game
Dreaming about playing chess game with someone else, suggests that you have met your match in love or business. You have a competitor fighting against you on certain things in waking life.

Dream About Timed Chess Clock
To see a chess clock in the dream, reflects that you have to make certain important decisions shortly. If you do not, you will miss out on the opportunity and lose without even trying.

Dream About Chess Tournament
Chess tournament in dreams reflects a chance to prove your knowledge and skill. You will compete with many others to bid on a project or tests.

Dream About Wrong Chess Pieces
Dreaming about wrong or incorrectly placed chess pieces, suggests that you are not fully utilizing your capabilities. You have wrongly spent time and energy on your projects. Or your employers do not recognize your abilities.

Dream About Unknown Chess Rules or Foreign Chess
To see a foreign chess game with different rules, reflect that the rules have changed in waking life. Perhaps you have started a new team or work at a new company. Spend some time to learn about the culture and rules before you make any major moves in the organization.

Dream About Checkmate
Dreaming about checkmate, suggest that you or someone has been stifled and cornered in waking life.

Dream About Chess Puzzle
A chess puzzle in the dream, represents certain paths that you need to take to achieve your goals. Perhaps you know what you need to achieve, but you are uncertain of how to get there.

Dream About Chess Opening
Seeing chess opening in the dream, suggests that you do not have to wander aimlessly through life. Consider following mentors and their steps, can save you from potential tough times. However, you will still have to keep your eyes open to avoid any potential traps.

Dream About Missing Chess Pieces
To dream about missing chess pieces, suggests that you will have argument with your friends and family in the near future. And you will choose not to take any of their advice, however, you will most likely mess things up by not listening to them. You will lose certain control of the situation.

Dream About Chess King
Chess king in the dream, represents certain decision maker in your organization that move slowly, yet everyone has to listen to them.

Dream About Chess Queen
Chess queen in dream represents certain powerful female figure in your family.

Dream About Chess Knight
To see chess knight in the dream, signifies that you have to make sneaky maneuvers to achieve your goals.

Dream About Chess Bishop
To see chess bishops in the dream, represents advisers whose advice that you should take.

Dream About Chess Rook
Chess rook in the dream represents your home or office, where you spend the majority of your time.

Dream About Chess Pawn
To see chess pawn in the dream, represents low level jobs or skills, or someone that you do not really care about.

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