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Time Travel Dream Interpretation — 5 Comments

  1. I had a dream about returning to an older point in time; I, went back only to mess around and change some things; tried to tell my friends and family what the future was going to be like.

    I got excited as for once, I took my current day phone with me to the past and managed to show it off to people. I’ve never been able to do that in a dream and it wound me up a lot lol.

    But yeah, I’d normally go back in time to start fights with people, knowing what they’d do in the fights and kicking their asses to hell and back.

    Predicting some really cool stuff to show off some more, I felt like my old extroverted self for that brief moment.

  2. In my dream I was in 1920 time period roughly. In Australia (I live in Canada.) I was in someone’s horse and carage at the start and then in their home, looking through everything. I was alone in the dream and well aware that I was time traveling. I was trying to figure how to get back to the present.

    No, I wasn’t watching any movies on time travelling. And I am a very realist person, I don’t believe in past lives or aliens etc. I don’t even watch anything sci-if ever. I need to see to believe…

    So why the dream? Anyone have any ideas?

  3. In my dream i heard a loud explosion and when i turned around there was this car completely on fire and i could hear screaming and then this man came and pulled the two passengers from the vehicle….. Their skin was burnt all over and i could hear the yelling it hurts!!!! It hurts and i tried looking away but my eldest sister turned my head back around as if she wanted me to see and then the yelling stopped and it was clear that they were dead and i walked over and started to gaze at them but they got up and with their skin still looking severely burnt they were talking to each other as if it didnt even hurt anymore and i can remember them saying that they finally got away and the government mistook them for soldiers but they werent , they were actually time travellers who ended up in the wrong place at the wrong time and they started to tell me some more stuff but i cant remember

  4. I’d just got home from delivering a computer part to a town seventy miles a way. I had checked the date on my watch several times that day, June 18, 2018. At my desk in my study I had been looking at old watches, some mine, some my Dad’s. I lay down for a nap and dreamed:

    I was aware I was aware I was in my home town, three hundred miles way, and it was 1992. I checked my watch June 18. Looking at my hands I could see they were my 67 year old 2018 hands. I talked to a well know TV news guy and tried to get him to take my pocket knife and bring it to me on June 18, 2018. He refused and I woke-up and went to the bathroom and returned to the nap and the dream. Then I was talking to a news woman I have seen acting in movies now and trying to explain I was from 2018 and in a dream then my company called and woke me to deliver another computer part.

  5. What if you travel through yours dreams perfectly remembering what you dream was and acting as a god but always lurking in the shadows these dreams are reoccuring for me its like i haveva entire universe of my dreams linked together.

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