Time Travel Dream Meaning – Top 5 Dreams About Time Travel

Did you dream about time traveling? Time travel is always a fun thing to think about or even dream about in your sleep. Perhaps you have watched science fiction tv shows or movies involving time travel like Doctor Who or Back to the Future. Perhaps there is something that you want to change in the past. Sometimes you may wonder how to interpret these time travel dreams meanings. When you try to interpret time travel dreams, always consider whether the timeline refers to your own. Think about your emotions and actions done in a different time period.

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Dream About Time Travel to the Past

Time Travel to Your Own Past
When you dream about time travel to the past, are you traveling to the point of life when you were younger? Check your emotions to interpret this type of dream. Do you feel a sense of regret or a sense of memory? If you feel regret, it reflects that you have made bad life-altering decisions that you want to change or do over. A sense of happiness and memory represents that you want to go back to a happier and younger self.

If you can only observe without taking any action in the dream, the dream suggests that you feel hopeless about things that have happened in the past. Perhaps you are feeling helpless now since you cannot control the outcome of your immediate future.

Time Travel to a Historical Event
When you dream about important historical events like wars, the medieval period, or prehistoric times with dinosaurs in your time travel dream, pay special attention to the actual historical event you are dreaming about. These events can reflect your current or past life experiences.

The dream features a sense of cause and effect or butterfly effect kind of belief. Perhaps you are making important life decisions that can alter the course of history as we know it. And the time travel dream brings you to the past. You can refer to the effect of past events done in the present.

Dream About Time Travel to the Future

When you dream about time travel to the future, it usually represents your curiosity about the current technology that we employ. You may feel curious about your surroundings, and you want to know what will evolve of them. Perhaps you have recently heard about a new technological advance. And you want to see how the human race will play out.

If the future being traveled to is of apocalyptic nature, it reflects your fear of certain upcoming trends that can topple your life upside down.

However, when you time travel to your own future, the dream suggests you think twice about making important decisions. The dream is guiding you and showing you what might happen if you choose a certain path. Pay attention to what the dream might reflect on your current life habits and actions. The steps that you take in the current time now will have an impact on the future.

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