Makeup Dream Interpretation

Seeing makeup in the dream typically suggests that you are trying to cover up and conceal an aspect of yourself. You typically do not feel confident about these aspect that you are trying to conceal. Here we will go through the most common dreams associated with makeups and your actions using the makeup.

Dream About Makeup Items
Dream About Makeup Bag or Purse
Opening or looking through a makeup bag in the dream is associated with new opening of doors and chapters in your life. Perhaps you will land a new job or encounter new romantic life experiences, you are mentally preparing to bring your best face forward to face the new people in your life.

Dream About Blush Makeup
Dreaming of a blush suggests that you will be greatly surprised in the near future, or that you are expecting certain events and you feel that you need to act surprised like a surprise party or surprise marriage proposal.

Dream About Makeup Brush
To see or use makeup brush in the dream, suggests that you will encounter trouble to decide quickly. You will go back and forth a few times before you are happy with your final decision.

Dream About Eye Makeup like Mascara or Fake Eye Lashes
To dream about makeup that beautify the areas around the eyes specifically, relate to acceptance and adornment. You want to be adorned and you are trying hard to improve the impression that you give to others.

Dream About Foundation Makeup
Putting on foundation makeup in the dream indicates that you are putting on your best face forward. You are trying to enhance your self-image and self-confidence from the base. Your confidence will shine through the outer layer of makeups.

Dream About Makeup Kit
Using a makeup kit in the dream, indicates that you may need several approaches in order to impress other people. Consider using a combination of techniques and expressions to achieve your goals.

Dream About Makeup Related Actions
Dream About Wearing Full Makeup
Dreams of wearing full makeup for a special event, party, or project presentation, foretells that you are going to focus on a project that will hugely increase your wealth and fame. Consider the makeup if its a part of a costume, then consider the characters such as zombie, vampire, or witch that you may be dressing up for.

Dream About Buying Makeup
To shop or buy makeup in the dream indicates to hidden prosperity is at reach to you. However, be mindful of how you deal with the short term success. Improper handling of your wealth may need to potential problems with money in the future.

Dream About Doing Makeup for Another Person
When you are doing makeup for another person in the dream, it is a metaphor that you need to “makeup” with that someone in particular. Perhaps you have held some old grudges that need to be forgiven and forgotten.

Dream About Removing Makeup
Dreaming about removing your makeup, relates to your need to be sincere and true to the people around you. Perhaps you no longer need to put up a fake facade with how you act and feel about certain issues. It is time to face the hidden truths and accept who you are, as well as letting others see your true self.

Dream About Stealing Makeup
Dreams of stealing makeup, suggests that you are putting too much emphasis on beauty and outside appearances. You are willing to forgo any ethics or reservations in order to appease others. You may end up losing yourself when you go down this path with lies and deceit.

Dream About Applying and Putting Makeup On
If the dream focuses on the process of you applying and putting makeup only, it is an indication that you are putting yourself first before all others. It implies that you care about your own appearances that you are willing to belittle others to show that you are better.

Dream About Specific Makeup Appearances
Dream about Man Wearing Makeup
To see a man wearing makeup in the dream, signals your hidden doubts about the motivation and actions of that man. Perhaps your psyche is sensing some form of hidden agenda’s or trouble with the man.

Dream About Makeup Artist or Cosmetologist
Dreams of getting work done by a makeup artist or cosmetologist suggests that you will be publicly acclaimed and praised in the near future.

Dream About Blue Makeup or Other Colors
Depending on the color of makeup that you apply in the dream, the makeup colors can hint at their specific color dream interpretations. For example, a blue makeup may signal your wisdom and creativity.

Dream About Clown Makeup
To wear a clown makeup in the dream, indicates that you feel others do not take you seriously. People are ignoring and joking about things you deeply care and have passion for.

Dream About No Makeup
Dreams of having no makeup in public, when you typically wear makeup, is your psyche’s suggestion that you are now feeling vulnerable and naked. Perhaps someone in your social circle has found about certain issues or secrets that you have been trying to hide for a long time. If you generally do not wear make up and you wear about no makeup in dream, it suggests that life will be usual in the near future, you can be true to yourself regardless of life’s situations.

Dream About Makeup Store
Dreaming about being inside a makeup store such as Sephora, Ulta, or NYX, suggests that you may need to pick up additional skills or tool sets in order to impress. This may refer to things such as additional education, hobbies, or knowledge that need to be obtained via spending of money and effort. The dream foretells with proper investment and investment, you may be able to impress and get to the next level in life.

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