Clown Dream Interpretation

Clowns in dreams symbolizes absurdity and humiliation in a negative sense. However, if you are enjoying the actions and entertainment offered by a clown, it relates to the childish and simple side to your own character. Pay attention to the context and your own emotions within clown related dreams to help you understand what clowns might indicate in waking life. Here are more clown dream interpretations to help you.

Dream About Clown Chasing You
Being chased by a clown in the dreams relates to your emotions of trying to get away from certain humiliating parts of yourself. Perhaps you are trying to hide certain actions in the past like having an affair or cheating, or appearances that you have such as hair loss.

If the clown chasing you is of an evil clown, it indicates that someone close to you is a hypocrite and a coward. He or she may be embarrassing you outside of view. However, these betrayals will catch up to you in the future, you will be disappointed and embarrassed that they have abused your trust.

Dream About Clown Trying to Kill You
Dreaming about a killer clown trying to kill you and do you harm, it symbolizes your powerlessness to stop feeling or being forced into embarrassment. The dream indicates to some form of social bullying at work or school, the humiliation is being forced on you and you have been made as the center of laughing stock. You may have to take drastic actions to get yourself out of hostile people’s targets.

Dream About Clown Doll
The clown doll in dreams represent your light-heartedness and childish nature of your character. Depending on where or how well kept the clown doll is, it indicates how well perceived you are about this part of yourself.

Dream About Clown Mask or Mask Face
Dreams of putting on a clown mask or face is an indication of your thoughtless or insincere actions. You may have incidentally made certain remarks or jokes on other people. People may fear you or dislike you for their own fear of embarrassment. Consider to be more tentative to other people’s reactions towards your actions.

Dream About Clown Makeup
Dreams of putting own clown makeup, suggests that you are putting up temporary facade or smiling faces towards situations that you may like not particularly. You are trying to make people believe that everything is ok and you are enjoying your life, however deep down you may feel depressed and sad.

Dream About Clown Shoes
Seeing clown shoes, suggests that being light hearted and easy going may be the best course of action to guide you through life. The clown shoes suggest that you should stop taking things and events too seriously. Tread lightly and joyously.

Dream About Clown Costume
Being in a clown costume in a dream indicates that you intentionally acting or behaving incompetent. Perhaps you are dragging yourself down instead of achieving your true potential. You are letting and exaggerating certain issues in life that embarrass you, such as harmful labels or stereotypes that define you. Consider taking off your outfit, and live your fullest potential and capability.

Dream About a Sad Clown
To dream about sad clowns in the dream, is a sign that you do not see your social circle as dependable and trustworthy. You can only depend on yourself, your own personal joy and happiness is all on yourself. You distrust anyone in your life to offer you happiness. You feel that you are being taken advantage of, such as others build their happiness on you instead.

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