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Purse Wallet Dream Interpretation — 11 Comments

  1. I had a dream I hop u can help me to undrerstand it that my oBGyn Dr gave her old purses but I it was black it had small design in red I opened I found 4 quarters inside other things can’t remmber what what it means

  2. I had a dream that lforget my purse on a chair and by the time I could remember and go back to the place, the place has been grade by caterpillar machine but I saw my purse with what is inside it please tell me what it’s means

    • i had a dreamt that i drop my black wallet (currently im using) into the dirty drain and i picked it up and wipe.. what does this dreamt mean?

  3. I had a dream and my purse drop in a river while I was actually walking upstairs. Interpretation please!

  4. I never had a dream like this before a good friend was picking new Prada Purses for me. There was two that she said would look great with my outfit. I have not been shopping for a purse and I never even thought about purchasing a Prada in the past. Hope this is a good preminnition, as the one comment about dreams of expensive dreams suggest..

  5. Hello!
    I had a dream about my ex boyfriend giving me a maroon leather wallet with some keys and one of keys looked like a house key and some little money inside

  6. Hi
    Had a dream went back to the washrooms and saw a purse and recognized it was mine and looked inside and found my cash has been taken and a man was standing staring at me with fear then I realized I was in male washroom.

  7. I dreamed that a man/boy I was dating in high school who is now deceased gave me two really nice leather purses for my birthday. I kept wondering why he gave those to me and so did my husband. Then he gave me a carpet sweeper and I was sweeping all the floors and even the gravel driveway. The deceased man that I had dated in high school seemed angry. What in the world does this mean?

  8. My Mom passed away. my Mom came in my dream this early morning. She showed me a merun with pink handbag which she bought newly priced Rs.96/-. What does that mean?

  9. I have had two dreams. Almost the same. I am in a place with a lot other people. I realize I DON’T HAVE MY purse. I go looking for it . I see purses i think are mine and realize they are not. In the first dream I find my purse with my wallet in it everything is gone . In the second dream I had I was looking and found a black leather purse I thought was mine. looking at it to realize it was not. Why do I keep having almost the same dream. loosing my Purse. What does that mean?

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