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Purse Wallet Dream Interpretation — 8 Comments

  1. I had a dream I hop u can help me to undrerstand it that my oBGyn Dr gave her old purses but I it was black it had small design in red I opened I found 4 quarters inside other things can’t remmber what what it means

  2. I had a dream that lforget my purse on a chair and by the time I could remember and go back to the place, the place has been grade by caterpillar machine but I saw my purse with what is inside it please tell me what it’s means

    • i had a dreamt that i drop my black wallet (currently im using) into the dirty drain and i picked it up and wipe.. what does this dreamt mean?

  3. I never had a dream like this before a good friend was picking new Prada Purses for me. There was two that she said would look great with my outfit. I have not been shopping for a purse and I never even thought about purchasing a Prada in the past. Hope this is a good preminnition, as the one comment about dreams of expensive dreams suggest..

  4. Hello!
    I had a dream about my ex boyfriend giving me a maroon leather wallet with some keys and one of keys looked like a house key and some little money inside

  5. Hi
    Had a dream went back to the washrooms and saw a purse and recognized it was mine and looked inside and found my cash has been taken and a man was standing staring at me with fear then I realized I was in male washroom.

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