Snail Dream Meaning – Top 35 Dreams About Snails

Did you dream about the snail? Snail in the dream suggests sensitivity and inhibition. However, you are making steady progress towards certain goals. Go at your own pace and disregard other people’s thoughts. You may feel alone and isolated. But the tough times may eventually pass. Below we will note more detailed snail dream meanings.

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Dream About Getting Snails

Holding Snail
Holding and touching a snail in the dream indicates that you are pondering about an issue. Perhaps you are making slow progress towards something. Particularly you are thinking about moving or purchasing a place for your own.

Buying Snail
Buying a snail in the dream suggests that you are focused on progress. You are making small purchases towards your goals.

Collecting, Gathering, and Harvesting Snail
To collect snails by gathering and harvesting them in a farm; indicates that you are not allowing other people to pressure you. You are working at your own pace. With patience and perseverence, you are approaching your goals slowly but surely.

Finding Snail
Finding snails and accidentally crushing them with your shoe; forewarns that your calm and peaceful life may come to an end. Your lack of sensitivity and observance will hinder your ability for self-control.

Receiving Snail
Receiving a snail as a gift from someone; suggests that he or she is hinting you to take slow and thoughtful actions.

Dream About Consuming Snails

Cleaning Snail
Cleaning the snail for consumption; points to the tension or difficulties that you are experiencing. Take the time to remove the hard feelings.

Cutting Snail
Cutting snails with a knife or scissors in the dream; foretells that you will take drastic actions towards indecision.

Cooking Snail
Cooking snail by steaming or frying them in the dream suggests that you will make the best out of an annoying situation.

Eating Raw Snail
Eating snail raw in the dream indicates that you are losing patience in some situation. You will jeopardize your well-being with reckless moves.

Killing Snail
Killing snails for fun in the dream indicates that you will intentionally hurt people.

Dream About Snail Appearances

Pet Snail
Having a pet snail in the dream indicates that you need to rely on your patience. Do not act impulsively and recklessly. Fight against the impulse.

Huge Large Snail
To see a huge or giant snail in the dream; suggests that you are too reserved about certain situation. Find the chance to break out of your comfort zone.

Dead Snail
Dead snail in the dream is a reminder for you to stop procrastinating.

Baby Snail
To see a small tiny baby snail in the dream; indicates that someone is doubting your abilities.

Dry Snail
To dream about a dry snail in the dream; portends that you are out of juice. You find it hard to push forward with your body.

Flying Snail or Fast Snail
To dream about the flying snail or snail racing fast; suggests that you will overcome some obstacles with odds defying success.

Dream About Snail Actions

Snail Bite
Dreaming about snail biting suggests that someone will annoy you with their indecision and timidness.

Snail Eating
To dream about snail-eating or nibbling on plants; indicates that you will tackle big projects piece by piece. Do not be afraid to just get started.

Talking Snail
A talking snail in the dream foreshadows the need to be patient.

Dream About Snail Shells

Snail Shell
Snail shell in the dream points to risk. You will soon risk something in order to achieve certain goals.

Snail without Shell
A snail without a shell or snail coming out of the shell in the dream; suggests that you will come into contact with someone who might be anti-social. Be patient with how you approach this person.

Empty Snail Shell
An empty snail shell in the dream points to loneliness and isolation. Someone is feeling alone and lost in waking life.

Removing Snail Shell
To dream that you are removing snail shell by force; indicates that you will have great impact and control over someone. You will force him or her to do unwilling things.

Dream About Other Snail Themes

Snail Eggs
Snail eggs in the dream point to self-control. Be patient with your family members especially your children.

Snail and Turtle
To dream about snail and turtle together; suggests that you should heed the wisdom and knowledge of your elders. Be sensitive to what they say or do.

Sea Snails
Dreaming about sea snails; is a sign that you need to wait until the tough and emotional time passes.

Dream About Snail Locations

Snail in the House
To dream about snails in the house or apartment; is a sign for you to slow down with your personal and family life. Think twice before you make life-changing moves. There is no hurry to try to dash to your final goals.

Snail in Water
To dream about snail inside water; suggests that you have been placed too deep within your emotional comfort zone. Be aware that it might end up hurting yourself.

Snail in a Basket
To dream about snail in a basket; points to worries that you are not getting things done on time. You feel stuck in some way.

Dream About Snail on Body

Snail Under Skin
To dream about snail getting under your skin; points to unwanted collaboration with someone who is slow. Their slow and lack of fast responses are annoying you.

Snail on My Head
To dream about snail crawling on your head or hair; suggests that you are too overly sensitive about certain issues.

Snail on My Hand
To dream about holding snails in your hands; suggests that you are dealing with a sensitive issue. Handle carefully or you might make things worse.

Snail on My Leg
To dream about snails on your leg; suggests that you are stressed about the lack of progress in your career or personal goals.

Snail Coming Out of Mouth
To dream about snails coming out of your mouth or lips; indicates that you are being too deliberate about what you say. Consider speaking your mind more often.

Dream About Snail Colors

Black Snail
A black snail in the dream suggests that you will be left behind and alone.

Brown Snail
A brown snail in the dream foretells a profitable yet not exciting business.

White Snail
White snail in the dream indicates dishonest activities that will lead to loss and stress.

Yellow Snail
Yellow snails in the dream points to certain strong emotional memories.

Green Snail
Dreaming of green snail indicates that you will soon make a breakthrough in life through personal growth and development.

Pink Snail
Pink snails in the dream suggests that you should move slowly with your romantic relationship. Tread carefully.

Red Snail
Red snail in the dream points to family dramas. Certain storms are brewing in the background.

Golden Snail
Golden snail points to an amazing business opportunity that requires careful planning and execution.

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