Parrot Dream Meaning – Top 18 Dreams About Parrot

Did you dream about parrots? Parrot in dreams represents message or gossip that gets repeated with time. Be aware of any important information that you learn in waking life. It might simply be a rehash or replay of another source. However, the source might not be validated or even be fake news. Consider the actions of the parrot, the message it conveys, and your actions with it in the dream to get deeper dream meanings.

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Dream About Getting Parrots

Buying Parrot
To dream that you are buying a parrot, indicates that you might be considering buying classes or materials. However, the dream foretells that you might have heard this information before. And the purchase might not be worth your money. Consider using your purchase as a refresh course, but do not expect to learn anything new.

Finding and Catching a Parrot
To dream that you find and catch a parrot in a trap; foretells that you will catch someone in the act of mocking you in the back.

Dream About Observing Parrots

Parrot Being in Cage
To see parrots being in the cage, suggests that you need to defend yourself against gossip. Try to understand that gossip and rumor will not be able to physically hurt your well being if you do not allow it.

Injured Dying Parrot
To dream about an injured or dying parrot, forwards that spreading gossip or sensual lies will eventually backfire. Be careful about what you say or share. People will use that against you in the future when they find out.

Talking Parrot
Pay attention to the talking parrot’s message in the dream; as it might be a reflection of issues that you are not aware of in waking life. They reflect true thoughts of how others feel about you in waking life.

Parrot Biting and Attacking
To dream about parrot attacking and biting you, portends that you will be backstabbed and betrayed by someone.

Parrot Flying Away
Dreaming about parrot winging away into the sky, indicates people now know something important about you. Be aware that either positive or negative things will be said about you in people’s discussions. But those discussions will occur far from you.

Dream About Interaction with Parrots

Holding Parrot
Holding parrot on your arms in the dream is a sign that you enjoy chitchatting, gossiping, and talking about nonsense.

Eating Parrot
To dream that you are cooking and eating parrot; suggests that you will be able to overcome gossip at the source. You will be able to turn the tide of rumors into your advantage. And come out ahead in your struggles or social standing.

Killing Parrot Dead
Killing a parrot with a gun or knife in the dream; foretells that you have to deal with obnoxious experience and people in waking life. Perhaps people are repeating themselves to you unnecessarily, and you find that extremely annoying. Dead parrot indicates that you have completely severed that annoying relationship.

Saving a Parrot
To dream that you are saving a parrot; indicates that you need to focus on your own goals and voices in life. Perhaps your inner voice is not speaking the language you wish it does. You want to change about how you see and talk to yourself. You are working on a better mirror image of your ego.

Parrot Coming in House
To see parrot coming into your house or apartment, portends not to be trusting of those who enter your life. Be especially careful if you are sharing private details and secrets. As this person who will betray your confidence and leak your comments and thoughts with others easily.

Dream About Other Parrot Appearances

Baby Parrot
The baby parrot in the dream relates to self-respect. You are entering something new, and you are developing a sense of self in that new aspect of your life.

Parrot Fish
The parrotfish in the dream foretells that you will spread love to people around you. You will lead a cheerful life along with many others.

Big Giant Large Parrot
Dreaming about a giant parrot, puts a focus on the level of communication in your waking life. Perhaps you are not expressing yourself well enough, consider spending more time and effort to convey your message clearly.

Pet Parrot
Having a pet parrot in the dream; is a sign that others are copying your attitude and language in waking life. Be mindful of what you say and what type of atmosphere you wish to promote. As that will affect every social interaction you have.

Parrot Gift
To dream that you receive or give parrot as a gift; is a sign that others want you to share more about what is on your mind.

Dream About Parrot Colors

Beautiful Colorful Parrot Rainbow
Colorful rainbow parrot in a dream relates to exotic, eccentric, or even obnoxious personalities in your waking life.

Green Parrot
Green parrot connects to reminiscent of child memories, you are mimicking and reliving some events or actions from your childhood.

Blue Parrot
Blue parrot relates to gossip in your social circle.

Black Parrot
Black parrot points to advise that you will find very annoying.

Red Parrot
Red parrot points to bitterness and jealousy.

African Grey Parrot
The Grey parrot in the dream indicates that you will be able to integrate what you hear into how you act.

Yellow Parrot
Yellow parrot foretells that you will spend time learning a new language.

White Parrot
The white parrot in the dream reflects not knowing who to trust.

Orange Parrot
Orange parrots in dreams suggest that you need to speak up about something.

Pink Parrot
Pink parrot in a dream relates to continuous nagging from your spouse or significant other. However, you do find it loving and sweet sometimes.

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