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  1. I dreamed about me been in a big maize farm in my mother village suddenly i saw a big chimpanzee. i got scare and runaway

    please what does that mean?

    • It could got a lot of money or its coming but someone is going to try and lead you something.good or bad you never stayed to see the outcome next before your make a big decision take time and go over it and make sure your happy with your decision and have no regrets.

  2. glassy transparent cup almost filled up with yellow corn was handed over to my hand in my dream,and the cup was very beautiful and glittering, what does it mean

  3. i dream’t about eating fresh yellow corn and it was in a sealed plastic, i could not finish it and i put it back to eat later

  4. I dreamed about my mother giving me a 5 pieces of covered corn which covered with haft yellow and haft green color, what does it mean?

  5. I dreamt of a lady I once dreamt of to be my future partner who has stop communicating with me after several months, going to a year brought out a cob of maize, roasted it and eat it while we were together in the dream. What does it mean?

  6. dreamt walking in a green field of maize, very green cobs, then i saw my late mother and i asked for some of the mealies

  7. I dreamt I was walking in my plot but it had grown very healthy and tall maize con to the size of trees. Each maize stem had about six cobs ready for harvest.

  8. In my dream last night i was in a corn field owned different individuals, sudenly my late step grand mother came out & showed me our own section of the farm & told me it is not yet due for harvest,that i should wait for a short duration to commence harvest, please what does it mean?

  9. had a dream of a green corn field where some part(front) was burning without it being consumed since it was still green yet there was fire burning on it.

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