Veins Dream Meaning – Top 12 Dreams About Arteries and Veins

Did you dream about your veins or arteries? To see blood vessels of veins or arteries, symbolize lifeblood, strength, and resilience. The appearance and conditions of the artery and vein are important in the dream. Your opinions of your blood vessels in the dream would play into the interpretation as well. In this complete dream analysis, we will go over the top dream meanings about veins and arteries. Find more about your dream here now!

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Dream About Cutting Veins

To cut blood vessels in the dream, suggests that you are cutting off blood ties within your family. The cutting of veins suggests that you are cutting off people who rely on you. If the arteries are being cut in the dream; it foretells that someone whom you rely on will cut you off. You would suffer a sudden loss of life style.

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Dream About Pulling Veins Out

Dreaming that you are pulling veins out, indicates that you are removing damaged support system in your life. Perhaps you have put in too much pressure on certain parts of your social circle. That is causing certain stress which needs to be addressed. You might need to take out individuals that have broken and no longer suitable for your support network.

Dream About Injecting into Vein

To inject medicine or drugs into veins directly in the dream, is a sign that you will use pinpointed strategy to solve your problems in real life. You are in a urgent rush to fix things that do not appear well. You are looking out for quick fixes.

Dream About Veins or Artery Bleeding

To see blood vessels bleeding in the dream, points to primary and secondary relationships that will be shaken up. Veins bleeding foretells that you will experience inescapable yet gradual sorrow. Artery bleeding foretells that you will suffer through strong arguments and divergences.

Dream About Veins on Legs

To see veins bulging out on legs, is a sign of bad fortune and being unlucky. You are in a bad situation where you have constrained life. However, the dream suggests that you do not feel particularly uncomfortable about the whole situation.

Dream About Artery or Veins on Face

To see blood vessels showing on your face in the dream, signifies high level of anxiety, pressure, or stress in waking life. You are trying your best to complete your projects and goals. Consider if you are using your strengths and advantages at the right places and right time.

Dream About Varicose Veins or Spider Veins

To experience twisted spider veins or varicose veins in the dream, is a warning that you are too tense and clenched in waking life. You are not utilizing your life force correctly and you will soon run into major obstacles. In the short term you will not see any major damage, but be careful if the condition worsens over time.

Dream About Bulging Veins and Arteries

Blood vessels bulging out in dreams, typically represent apparent feelings and awareness of given situations in areas of your life. You are being aware of the your support systems. Focus on how they could get you through harsh or even dangerous phases of life.

Dream About Worms in Veins

Dreaming that there are parasites or worms within your veins, signifies mistrust and betrayals in the near future. Someone or something that you could on for your life, may in fact be leeches who will fail you.

Dream About Colors of Veins and Arteries

Dream About Blue Veins
Deep blue veins in dreams, symbolizes negative sorrows or emptiness after great excitements. However, it also points that you are recovering and preparing for the next chapter and great life’s journey.

Dream About Green, Purple, and Black Veins
Black veins in dreams; points to toxic and poisonous thoughts that exist within you. You continue to have depressing thoughts that circulate back to you every once in a while.

Dream About Red Veins
Health red arteries in the dream, indicates that you will be protected against slander and gossip. You will be able to absorb toxic gossips that flows within your network. You will face a challenge with good character and ability.

Dream About White Veins
White veins in the dream, points to serious underlying diseases and issues. These problems will be huge drag on your vitality and ability to carry on normally with life. Consider getting professional help to ensure that your body and mind is functioning correctly and optimally.

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