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Aliens, Extraterrestrial, or ET represents far-fetched ideas and wild imagination in the dreams. If you dream that you are the alien on earth, it represents that you feel different from the rest of the people that you know. You are feeling “alienated” and disconnected. Dreams about being an alien represent waking difficulties with how to handle or deal with various situations.

If an alien is trying to connect or contact you in the dream, it represents that you are seeking an undiscovered part of your self. Dreaming about an alien baby suggest that you have discovered new ideas or habits that you never thought were possible before.

Dream About Alien Planet or Alien World
To see aliens in your dream signify that you are having difficulties adapting and adjusting to your new surroundings. Maybe you have recently moved to a new neighborhood, started a new school or new job. Everything appears to be different and unfamiliar to you.

Dream About Riding in Alien Spaceship
The dream represents your desire to escape from your daily routine. You want to have an adventure and experience new things. However, if the dream is only about an ascending alien ship like the UFO flying off, this relates to the dream symbol of airplane taking off. The dream suggests that you need to broaden your perspective, you must think “out of this world” and think bigger to achieve your dreams.

Dream About Alien Invasion or Attack
To dream that you are being invaded by aliens indicates your fear of your changing surroundings or your fear of losing your home and family. Perhaps you have more immigrants moving into the city that you reside and you feel uncomfortable with the new atmosphere and group of people.

Dreams of being abducted or kidnapped by aliens suggest that you feel that your space and privacy is being taken away.


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