Microwave Dream Meaning – Top 9 Dreams About Microwave

Did you dream about microwaves? The microwave oven in dreams, relate to a sudden change in your waking life. Somethings are getting quickly heat up and ready to go. Consider how and what you are using a microwave on. You will get better ideas on how microwaves might relate to your waking life.

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Dream About Using Microwave

Dream About Cooking with Microwave
To see yourself cooking or baking meals with microwave; suggests that you are taking quick and efficient actions to achieve your goals. However, be careful about being too liberal with these shortcuts, as you might sacrifice potential good experiences. Consider the type of food that you are cooking like pizza. They could offer you subtle clues about the projects that you are working on.

Dream About Heating Food with Microwave
Heating up prepared food or leftovers in the electrical microwave suggests that you will soon utilize certain skills and knowledge that you have learned before. Be prepared to put them to the test when the time is right.

Dream About Defrosting with Microwave
Defrosting frozen iced ingredients, indicates that you need better and more efficient ways to utilize your resources. Perhaps you have assets and resources that need to be used quickly. And you do not have the patience to wait it out.

Dream About Microwave Troubles

Dream About Microwave Exploding
To have microwave exploding like a bomb, perhaps your thoughts and desires are not right. Perhaps you have put wrong items in the microwave like egg, aluminum, spoon, or other metal. You will soon meet with some disastrous results.

Dream About Microwave on Fire
The microwave set on fire in the dream, foretells that your quick thinking and lack of attention will lead to disaster. Your idea of trying to do things better and faster will result in a significant setback.

Dream About Microwave Conditions

Dream About Toy Microwave
To see a toy microwave in the dream, is a sign that other people are not taking your actions seriously.

Dream About Old and Broken Microwave
To see old and broken microwave that does not cook as well; reflect your inability to decide and work towards the desired outcome. You are no longer as sharp as before, and people who lack patience will think little of you.

Dream About Microwaving Living Things

Dream About Being Microwaved
Seeing yourself being microwaved, indicates that your mind is full of noise and interruption. These worries are weighing you down with negative emotions.

Dream About Microwaving Animals
To see small animals like mouse, cat, or dog being microwaved alive in the dream, points to waking life abuses that you are witnessing or enduring. Certain people are powerless against other people’s advances, and they are being cooked alive.

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