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  1. I dreamt about finding lost ice tea spoons (nine?) last night. Right after I got married 20 years ago, my mom asked me if I wanted some old silverware she was getting rid of. Even though they didn’t match our pattern, I took the ice tea spoons because I didn’t have any and they serve a specific function. My teenager now loves them for stirring tall glasses of chocolate milk. Over the years, the number of them I have in the drawer has dwindled. Last night, I dreamt that I found them in the box with my good silver. I kept pulling out another! And another! And so on. I seem to remember finding 9 of them and being really excited to have them back. I “found” more than I ever had in real life. I’m in the midst of a psychic awakening and I don’t usually remember my dreams. I’m not entirely certain what this one means, but I think it’s good.

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