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  1. I had a strange dream involving time, and I’m wondering what it means.

    In my dream I ask someone what time it was, and they replied “It’s 1:53 PM.” I wake up immediately and look at the clock on my phone and it’s 1:53 PM. There are no other clocks in my room, and my phone was behind my pillow so there’s no way I could have seen it beforehand.

    Does that mean something? I didn’t have any alarms set of anything.

  2. Curious about the meaning of one hand moving backward, and the other moving forward. Neither fast or slow. Once I awoke, I found it extreamly difficult to get out of bed. So I slept again, and the dream repeated. I awoke 3 other times, each time returning again and again to the same dream. I was thinking of calling into work sick, but decided to go in late. Almost fell asleep again, but literally dragged myself out of bed and faced my day. For most of the day my brain just would not work. It was like the clock one hand moving back, the other moving forward, neither making any difference. It felt like an infinite loop in programming. Unwilling to wake up, but unable to sleep because I had to go to work. I never had a dream affect my physically like that before.

    I have had many other unusual dreams the last few days. Not scary, just unusual. It really feels like they are trying to tell me something. I never felt this way before about dreams. But the last 4 days was very strong. Each morning, I want to keep returning to my dreams to explore more, but I must go to work. I cant wait until the weekend to explore this phenomena fully.

  3. Hai, I dreamt that I was my old friend where we used to stay together and suddenly, something happened I don’t know if they wanted to give me back my clock or they wanted to see my clock but I turned out that one of them made it fell to the floor and broke into pieces then I discovered that there was a shield in the clock so when I look at it I said, never mind I will get another one then I woke up!

  4. I dreamt of visiting a clockmaker’s shop in France that was at the top of a flight of stairs. Both the the doorway to the shop and his private residence were partially open. I looked into the shop and it was full of large old clocks ticking happily. It was very pleasant.

    In reality I am anxious about going to France for the firsttime soon.

  5. In a dream i had, when i got home sometime in the evening , my father and step brother were both sitting in the living room. we have a wall clock there when i looked at the time , it was a few minuets past 2am but my dad was not yelling as he would normally. i had this very funny and strong feeling that that clock was wrong or has stopped working because it was not that late outside or atleast didnt feel like it. more like 8pm o to say. what might it mean?. Also, my cousin staying with us somehow agreed with me then complained about missing some cash he suspected was my step bothers doing as he does this often. Could someone give me a reasonble summary or meaning to this at my email?. Thank you.

  6. I had a dream where I entered a shop of someone whom I use to know and I was asking her to sell a wall clock to me in which she gave me a beautiful portable wall clock and I was holding it but I had no complete money for the clock payment, but though I was still holding the clock till i ended up the dream, so what’s the meaning of this kind of dream?

  7. I dreamt about a clocking machine which had no clocking cards when I were the cards were a woman from my past said you have to get them from inside the shop I was confused by what see said and walked away thinking o don’t need a clocking card

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