ATM Dream Meaning – Top 11 Dreams About ATM Machine

Did you dream about ATM? ATM Machines in dreams represent quick sources of money that you could quickly tap into at times of need. They could represent your family, or different assets which you could draw money from.

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Dream About Receiving ATM Card

Receiving bank ATM cards in the dream, represents your desires for financial security. You wish to have access to financial security, and the ATM card symbolizes reassurance that you will have access when you need cash.

Dream About Hacking ATM

To dream that you are hacking an ATM system, suggests that you are looking for loopholes to generate unethical but quick money. Perhaps you are figuring out short cuts into your business and careers, so that additional profit can be gained easily.

Dream About Looking for ATM

To dream that you are looking for ATM machine in the dream, is a sign that you are looking out for opportunities that provide you with financial stability. If you feel anxious in the dream because you cannot find one, suggests your running low on your liquid asset, and you are panicking for the time when you do run out.

Dream About Withdrawing Money from Automatic Teller Machine

Withdraw money from automatic teller machine in the dream, is a sign that you are starting to tap into your savings to deal with life needs. If the dream features you withdrawing a significant amount of cash, the dream suggests that you are expending too much energy and that could deplete your resources mentally and financially.

Dream About Depositing Money Using ATM

Depositing money into an ATM in the dream, symbolizes that you are investing money and energy into a future project. Consider getting better data and manage your assets, so that you will have better chance of planning for success.

Dream About Forgetting ATM Machine Pin Number

To dream that your pin number is wrong or you have forgotten, indicates that you are going to experience a string of bad luck. Small matters or mixed ups will upset and slow down your plans.

Dream About Cash Advance with ATM

Dreaming that you are using credit card to draw cash from an ATM, is a sign that you might be overextending yourself. The dream foretells that you will borrow or ask favors from your support network.

Dream About New ATM

To see a brand new ATM machine in the dream, refers to your inflated ego and capability to do business. You may think that your ideas are better and more updated, thus you are more entitled to opportunities.

Dream About Broken ATM Card

To dream about broken ATM cards, points to obstacles will stop you from accessing your own wealth. Consider take more precautions about the different processes and accounts, so that you could overcome difficulties as they arise. The dream foretells that your lack of access could nudge you into poverty if you do not figure out how to fix it soon.

Dream About ATM Machine Out of Money

To have trouble using ATM because it is out of money, is a sign that you are not applying yourself to the fullest potential. You are sitting idle without realizing your weaknesses and strengths. You might expect a certain positive outcome but will be disappointed when the time comes.

Dream About Malfunctioning ATM Cash Dispenser

Dreaming that ATM cash dispenser malfunctions and give you extra cash, suggests that you will come into unexpected money in waking life. However, be mindful of such encounter as you may be asked to give it back later.

If the malfunctioning ATM cash machine eats your money or spits things other than cash, the dream instead highlights your financial concerns. You are not sure if your work and investments will be worthwhile and generate positive cash flow. You might instead doing much work and see no profits.

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