Abacus Dream Meaning – Top 5 Dreams About Abacus

Did you dream about the abacus? To see an abacus in the dream, indicates your trust in your own unique process towards certain situations. You need to follow the steps one by one, in order to solve problems and issues. Pay attention to the type of problems that you are trying to solve on the abacus. As it hints at the potential situations in waking life. Below we will go over more detailed abacus related meanings.

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Dream About Learning to Use Abacus

To dream that you are learning how to use the abacus, indicates that you will get new opportunities to go through certain business deals. Stay logical and calculate the ins and outs of the business before you close the deal or contracts. Don’t simply rely on intuition and the sales pitch, focus on the numbers and your own logical reasoning.

Dream About Loose Abacus Beads

To see abacus beads being loose or easily moved; suggests that you will make errors in your calculations. Be careful about overlooking data, as they will affect the final results and interpretations of the feasibility of your projects. Perhaps you do not have the correct balance or analysis. Your input data is not accurate enough. Be careful about using them blindly.

Dream About Using an Abacus

To use an abacus on a test instead of using a calculator or computer in the dream, you are keeping count and using the old way of doing things. You are opting to come to your conclusions manually and doing actual footwork. Instead, you do not wish to rely on others or via automation.

Dream About Broken Abacus

To see a broken abacus in the dream, indicates that you will lose your intelligent calculation regarding certain aspects of your life. You will likely to act without much logic or thought. The dream foretells that others will convince you to enter bad business deals. Be aware of situations that guarantee a loss on your part. Your risk and reward calculation ability is significantly impacted.

Dream About Mini Abacus or Kids Abacus

To see a mini abacus for kids in the dream, is a sign that you need to look at smaller numbers and data to make sense of the bigger picture. Or perhaps the projects or profit that you are expecting to have, is too small for you to care about. The dream foretells that you may choose to ignore the minor loss or gains. Especially the ones that might incur during your long term planning.

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